Monday, January 31, 2011

Arrested Development?

You should have grown up during the Eighties.
A very different decade for very different people. You like to challenge the norms, and try to be original at all costs. Plus the music was definitely cool. Go Retro Night.


Black Bart said...

For me it should have been the 30's. Learning to scam in order to survive (instead of just to have a hobby) probably would have further honed my scamming skills. Plus the percentage of rubes to scam was likely marginally greater.

G-Man said...

Hey Sherry!!!
I'm the 80's too!
...The 1880's!!!
Maybe I should stop using terms like.."What in Tarnation"? and Shivaree!
Have a Great and Snow-Free Week!

Serena said...

Truth be known, Black Bart, there's still a fair percentage of rubes out there. Checking the news every day is proof enough of that. If you pull off a successful scam, I'd like a small but fair percentage, please.;)

I've never heard "Shivaree," Mr. G. What does it mean? My grandpa used to say "What in tarnation." LOL. I think I wouldn't have done well in the 1880s.:)