Friday, December 10, 2010

Serena's Friday Playdate

It's been a cold, cold week. Yesterday morning, it was 17 degrees. It warmed up to the 30s by afternoon and, I swear, it felt like spring after all that bitter cold. It's warmer today, too, and should be back near normal (around 50) tomorrow. They say we're in for more cold early next week, though.

I have a busy morning -- gas station, Post Office to ship presents, grocery store. But at least I'm not at work. TGIF!

Oh, and it's not only TGIF, but it's also G-man's birthday. You're probably all birthdayed out by now, but Happy Birthday, G.

You Spend Sensibly

You love to shop for holiday presents, but you are above all a savvy shopper.

You know you don't have to spend a fortune to get the perfect gift, and you'll shop around to find the right thing at the right price.

You prefer gifts that people actually want to receive to gifts that dazzle or impress.

You hope that your gifts stand the test of time. If someone keeps your gift for years, you consider it a success!


Marion said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Friday!!! xxoo

You Spend Creatively

You give some of the most amazing gifts around, but you don't go broke buying them. Almost every gift you give has a handcrafted, personalized touch. Your gifts are special.

You'd rather spend time on your gifts than money. You want every gift you give to be a treasure.
You would never get someone a generic gift. You like your gifts to show how well you know the recipients.

Roxan said...

"Oh my god, Roxan, where the hell have you been?"

I shop sensibly when I can afford to shop for Christmas. This year I'm gifting from my kitchen. LOL

Serena said...

Marion, you DO give amazing gifts with a personal touch. You have a true talent for it. Hope you've had a Happy Friday!xoxo

"Oh my god, Roxan, where the hell have you been?"

Oh, my God, Roxan! You took the words right out of my mouth! Where the hell HAVE you been? I'm just glad you're alive, girlfriend, and not turned into one of your characters. Hey, gifts from the kitchen are among the BEST.:)

G-Man said...

Awww Thanks Sherry...
You can never be too Birthdayed out. I don't have that many left!
You are so sweet, Thank You very very much Serena Joy.
You Rock My Old Boat Baby...:P

Serena said...

You're very welcome, Galen, my dear. Hey, now, you're not THAT old. You still have a few birthdays left in you, dude. And I hope you've enjoyed this one to the max.;)