Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pretty Girly Things

I admit, I love shiny, sparkly, pretty girly things. Frilly stuff. Frou-frou stuff. And why not? I am a girl.

These are some of my favorite Christmas presents.

The shoes and perfume and adorable frog keychain are from my sister. She also gave me a purse and a really cute outfit. The troll bead bracelet and sapphire ring are from my "fella," who also gave me lots of other "stuff," and the other ring was from me to me. Yeah, I do that. Last year, it was a TV, so I got off cheap this year, even including the leather jacket I also bestowed upon myself. The other bracelet is "serenity stones," and very heavy.

This gift sparkled and shined in its own way, too -- until I spent it last night.

Free books just warm the cockles of my heart, even during a frigid cold snap. I love it!

It is warming up. We hit the low 40s yesterday and will be near 60 by Saturday. This is more like it! Once the snow melts, I really could live without seeing any more this year.

Have a Happy Hump Day!


Marion said...

Wow, Princess SJ, you made out like a bandit! I love the shoes, dahling. Tres chic! And the bracelet is sooo cute. I got several new Moonstone pieces: a square stone on a necklace and another pair of Moonstone earrings...and also a couple of sets of dragonfly earrings, all from Etsy (my favorite new site for shopping!) I love my magical Moonstones.

Ray and I got a B & N card from one of my girls for $50. Ray told me I could spend it all, so I promptly found a 1400 page book of poetry that took the whole card. LOL! Ray cracked up laughing and said only *I* could have managed that feat. It's the "Norton Anthology of Poetry". I'll have mucho material for my poetry blog next year.

I hope you have a great day. I'm still in my pj's bundled up. Did I say I HATE Winter? I do!!!

Blessings & Love,

Serena said...

Your moonstones sound beautiful, Marion. And dragonfly earrings for Princess Dragonfly -- what could be more fitting? It's fun spending those gift cards, isn't it? I'm glad you got what you wanted with yours, and I know you'll love the anthology. I had a surreal day in Bizarro World. LOL. Stay warm!

Toyin O. said...

you got really great Christmas gifts.

Serena said...

Thanks, Toyin. I adored and appreciated every single one. Thanks so much for visiting my humble blog!:)

g-man said...

Nice haul Serena Joy!
Looks like you raked in some good quality baubles.
As you should, being the Crimson Princess that you are!
I just bit the head off of a White Chocolate Polar Bear!!!
Winter is only 9 days old Sherry, you'll be a basket case by February!

quid said...

Lots of Princess bounty, Serena. I loved the sparkling B & N card. Mine was a Borders!

Glad your Christmas was cheery and giftful!


Serena said...

Didn't the polar bear object, Mr. G? I could already be a basket case. I'll have to check on that.:-)

Serena said...

Thanks, Quid. Hope yours was, too. Have you spent your Borders card yet? Details!:)