Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Old Men & Cold Make Me Cranky

I had a scare with my heat last night. It was working just fine when I got home from work and my place was warm ... until I turned up the thermostat a couple of hours later before taking a bath. It ran for a minute or two and then it just quit. I then turned it up even higher, and felt only cold air coming out of the vents. The temperature in my living room went down five degrees in ten minutes. I cranked it up to 80 and still -- nothing but cold air. And then it quit again.

I had no intention of spending a night without heat when it was 14 degrees, so I paged the landlord. He called me back and wanted to know if I had the setting on regular heat, or supplemental heat. I'd noticed the "supplemental" setting before, but didn't know what it was so I never messed with it. He told me to switch it to supplemental because, according to him, when it's this cold the heat pump on "regular" heat can't handle it. I did NOT know that. It might have been helpful if somebody had ever told me about it. Anyway, once I switched it over, warm air began flowing from the vents and all was well in my world again.

Now, if only the same could be said of work. The 82-year-old senior partner is nuts. I was working on stuff with deadlines yesterday and he kept buzzing me on the intercom for such ridiculous things as bringing him water, never mind that he's much closer to the water cooler than I am, and -- get this -- putting his coat on him. I guess I'm a pretty well paid personal valet, huh? LOL. But geez, if the old dude's too feeble to put his own coat on, he shouldn't leave home.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


G-Man said...

How can one get a pretty redhaired personal valet?

Serena said...

By being very elderly and senile, Galen. Sure you don't want to fetch your own water?:-)