Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just Hangin' Out

It's Thursday -- thank God -- and my last day this week at Bizarro World. I'm thinking about calling the Yellow Pages and informing them that that's the new name of my firm. I'm tired, drained, and disgusted and I wish I weren't having another round of weekend company and could just vegetate all weekend, but you know what they say about wishes. And beggars.

So, why don't we play games today?

I like this Blogthing quiz. Damn skippy, I do!

You Are a Flirting Genius

You are an amazing flirt. You know how to charm almost anyone.

You've got the moves and words down. You are both witty and charming.

You know how to flirt when the time is right, but you also know when to hold back.

You rarely send the wrong signals. You have your flirting under precision control.

Să înceapă jocul!

Yeah, she's speaking in tongues today. And why the hell not?

You Had a Bad Year

Your year was horrible. There's no other way to say it.

A lot went wrong for you, and you're still recovering from it.

The good news is that things probably won't get worse for you.

So look forward to the new year, where things will hopeful be much better!

Have a great Thursday!


Marion said...

According to the survey, I had a great year. Go figure!! I hope 2011 is better for you. Blessings!

You Are a Flirting Machine

You're always getting your flirt on, and you're pretty darn good at it too. When it comes to flirting, you're not exactly picky. And this is where the trouble begins.

Tone down your flirting to friendly, and save the hardcore stuff for your one and only.
While your flirting may be just fun and games, other people won't always see it that way

Serena said...

Hey, Marion. Lots of good and useful info in those Flirting Machine results. Makes sense to me!:)

Marion said...

LOL! So right, SJ! I don't get to use my womanly wiles as much as I used to. Snicker, snicker.. LOL!

G-Man said...

Did you really have a terrible year?
Don't Answer That!!!!
I do believe that you are on vacation now Miss Sherry.
I sure hope this next year goes smoother than 2010.
Enjoy your week-end...Galen

Serena said...

I know what you mean, Marion. The wiles go wonky when they don't get a workout. Womanly wiles, I'm talking about. Men's wiles are a whole 'nother story.:-)

Oh, it was pretty bad, Mr. G. I'd hate to have to relive much of it. You are correct, I am now on "vacation." And an enjoyable weekend to you as well, sir.:)

Brian Miller said...

hehe...these look fun...will come back and play in a bit..hope you have a wonderful new years...

Serena said...

Happy New Year, Brian.