Monday, November 08, 2010


I haven't blogged for the past week, mainly because I have nothing earth-shattering to say. Same old, same old for the most part. Nothing worth mentioning, nothing for anyone to miss.

It's been cold, which put me in the mood to do some Christmas shopping. That was actually kind of fun. No hurricanes around here, no volcanoes, no earthquakes. That's a plus. There's a good Chinese place that delivers. I adore their lo mein. Big plus.

The ambiance where I work is, in a word, strange; like, Jim Morrison strange. They say the job market is opening back up, but you couldn't prove it by my Sunday classifieds.

Blogger's gone weird, too. I'm having to sign in constantly, which I find très annoying.

I'll be glad when this year from hell is over. Oy vey.


G-Man said...

Limbo is so...Catholic!

On the Bright side, Thanksgiving is just around the corner!!!

Serena said...

Why, yes, it is just around the corner, Galen. I intend to eat turkey. And pumpkin pie. Or maybe just the pie.:)

quid said...

I will agree, SJ, that this has been the year from hell.


Serena said...

For sure, Quid. Things have GOT to get better.:)

Jingle said...

love your blog.

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