Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buttoned-down and Bushy-tailed

This is another rerun from 2006; November 14th to be exact. I'll rerun another one tomorrow to explain Squirrel Mania -- complete with comments, because they were hilarious.

Happy Thursday!

Remember the childhood game –

Button, button,
Who’s got the button?

I remember playing it. I don’t remember how it was played, or what the object was.

But I digress. What’s actually on my mind is this: they don’t seem to sew buttons on these days the way they used to. All too often, they fall off in record time -- like the first time you wash the garment. That truly bites. The price of the item doesn’t seem to make much difference, either. It’s been my experience that buttons fall off expensive clothing just as quickly as they do cheap stuff.

I’m terribly lackadaisical about sewing them back on. If it’s a waistband button, like pants or a skirt where the waist will be covered by an overblouse or sweater, I may well just pin it the next half dozen times I wear it before breaking down and getting out the needle and thread. That’s slatternly, I know (but not slutty, since nothing’s hanging out). Of course, you can’t do the safety pin thing with something like a blouse or dress. Speaking of blouses, I love these pleated/pintucked babydoll shirts. My favorite one has tiny little buttons down the front and at the cuffs, with loops rather than buttonholes. I love the look, but it’s hard as hell to get it buttoned.

You know what’s scary? When buttons fall off in the washing machine and you don’t notice until the next time you do laundry and find buttons in the bottom of the machine. Then you have to backtrack and try to figure out what they came off of. That’s always fun. If it’s something you can’t pin, that means another sewing job right then and there, before you lose the button(s) again. I have a top I like a lot which lost a button in the wash about six weeks ago. The button is still on my dresser (gathering dust). I’m not worried about that one; it’s so unique that I’ll always know where it goes. Still, I’d actually like to wear the top again, so I guess I’d better get myself into another sewing mindset. *This is, alas, still true on November 11, 2010. I am a slattern. But not a slut!

Right now, I’m thinking about
Twisted Linguistics. And squirrels. Roxan found us these rogue words,

I will be acused of and found incent
t shirst

which I think I’ll do this with:

I so much daubt that my squirrel can be knocked out by anybody else’s that I’m having t shirst made up - 'MEDIAT THIS!' One of those submarin squirrels could pose an imediat threat, but I don’t think so. I will be acused of and found incent of englufing my rodent in steroids. I am glufing incent – just ask the pharamcy guy.


G-Man said...

You sew?
You Sew Cute!!!

Serena said...

I'm sew disinclined toward it, Galen, that I only sew when it's an absolute emergency. Sew ... there you have it.:)

puerileuwaite said...

I have a new game for us to try: I call it "Search for the Button", and it involves a penlight and some wine.

Serena said...

I already found that one, Puggles, but hang onto the penlight and the wine. You never know when another one's gonna pop off.;)

Anonymous said...

I have a new game for us to try: I call it "Search for the Mutton", and it involves mint jelly and a little lamb.


× × ×


Serena said...

Oh, Lord, /t., don't let poor little Lamby see that mint jelly -- or the grill. She'll freak! Happy Hump Day back at you.;)