Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hump Day Mummy

Never mind grammar this morning -- my energy done got up and went. I'm feeling really tired. It's probably a combination of things all mixed together into a big old gumbo of ennui. And, it's cold, for God's sake! Last week it was hot as blazes; last night, I had my heat on. It's crazy. Therefore, let's just play today, why don't we?

Have a great Wednesday and a Happy Hump Day!

You Should Be a Mummy for Halloween

You are a silently enthusiastic person. You like to participate in things, but you don't like too much attention.

When you get dressed up for Halloween, you really get in the spirit of things - in the most subdued way possible.

You are a keen observer, and you love to people watch. You're big on noticing little details.

You tend to blend into the background, but you're not tuning out. In fact, you're often the most engaged person in the crowd.


Anonymous said...

says i should be
a dummy for halloween

i guess they must know about this...


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g-man said...

Silently Enthusiastic is RIGHT!
Warm up Baby....

Serena said...

Aw, don't pay any attention to "them," /t. Just wrap yourself up, lose the "d," and you can be a mummy with me.:)

I'm pretty cozy right now, G. The heat's on, and I'm sleeping with a soft, warm blankie tonight.:)