Friday, September 10, 2010

Serena's Friday Playdate


The Meaning of Your Life is Understanding

There's so much to life, and once you think you have it figured out, you realize you have so much more to learn.

By understanding life, you can discover what it means for you. Where you find your purpose is very individual.

Your eyes are always open to new possibilities and ideas. You never feel like you know it all.

You are constantly exploring, learning, and growing. And you never tire of it!


G-Man said...

I actually took the test...
The meaning of my life is Joy!!
They must have forgot the 'first' word...*SMILE*

Anonymous said...

How joyous to always be a life-long learner.


quid said...

I try not to miss a Friday Playdate, SJ. Mine was "Joy" as well. Here's the full skinny:

The Meaning of Your Life is

The purpose of your life is simple: to live it to the fullest.
You believe that happiness is a choice, and being happy isn't that hard to figure out.

Too many people struggle in their lives. You think they should just let go and enjoy what they've been given.
It's easy to find misery, but it's difficult to find happiness. You know that all the happiness you need comes from within.

Sigh. Today I focused mostly on the part that says... "it's easy to find misery". But after all, tomorrow's another day.


Serena said...

Smile Joy, Galen? Well, that definitely beats Killjoy.:-)

Hi, Teresa, and welcome to my humble blog. Yes, I do believe one can (and should) learn something new every day.:)

I hope the "misery" passes quickly, Quid. And it's true, tomorrow IS another day. Honey, are you sure you weren't born a Southern girl?:)

VE said...

I took it...I should have was 'pleasure'...

Serena said...

Pleasure's nothing to sneeze at, VE.:)

quid said...


I have been dubbed an honorary Southern Girl by a couple of people who should know the difference. Now I just gotta overcome the accent thing.


Serena said...

Accent doesn't matter, Quid. You're a Southern Girl in all the ways that matter.:)