Monday, September 13, 2010

I Want...

What do you want this
Fine Monday morning that you
Can really attain?

Yes, I know that pure haiku is nature-based, but I tend to break more rules than I obey. How about writing an answering haiku as your comment?

As always, have a terrific Monday!


G-Man said...

All I really want.?
To find, and to know Passion!
Am I a Dreamer?

Marion said...

Aaaaack, driving the Poetry Bus today has me pooped out. My brain is road trippin'. LOL!

I want a new brain!!!

Happy Monday, girlie! Blessings!!

Serena said...

Well, we are all dreamers, aren't we, Galen? But dang, you did haiku!:)

I totally understand, dahling Marion. It's HARD driving that bus. You're doing a great job, though -- and with your very first brain.:)