Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, it's back to work today. I don't wanna, but the bills have to be paid. I'll just buckle down, not think too much about it, and do it.

How was your holiday weekend? I thoroughly enjoyed mine. I shopped yesterday. Got myself some fine bargains, too, never mind that all that walking probably wasn't so good for me.

I haven't talked much lately about my hillbilly neighbors. Slackjaw, Goober's brother, moved out about a month and a half ago -- when Goober moved his pregnant girlfriend in. This is his third out-of-wedlock child, and the second in two years, all with different mamas. I'm wondering if he simply can't read the instructions on a condom box. This chick -- well, you'd just have to see it to believe it. She loves to wear little midriff-baring Spandex tops with her growing belly hanging out below. And so on and so on.

Speaking of babies, my niece and her husband have just adopted an adorable little baby girl. They live in coastal NC, so I've only seen pictures so far. She's named after my sister's and my deceased sister.

Have a terrific Tuesday and, if you have to work, don't work too hard.


puerileuwaite said...

I've often thought that low-rise jeans and midriff-baring tops on out-of-shape females make them look preg ... er, nevermind.

Serena said...

Oh, you must have seen Goober's mother and/or aunt, Pugsley.;)

G-Man said...

I wonder if they can get a deal on some MoonShine?

Serena said...

Oh, I expect they could probably fix you up, Galen.:)