Tuesday, August 03, 2010

'Round Here

I worked for several hours (at home, of course) last night, and it tuckered me out. Clearly, it's going to take a little while for my usual strength and stamina to return. I didn't do the work 'til last night because I had a migraine all day. You'd think those damn things would have the decency to back off while one is having other aches and pains.

My puppy seems very happy to be home. She's spent a lot of time sniffing around and checking things out. I guess she had to make sure this was actually her place, and her stuff, and she didn't get dropped off in some parallel universe. Dogs know this stuff, you know.

I wish somebody's maid from a parallel universe would slip over here and clean my house for me. I'm on top of most of the household chores, but I can't vacuum. And boy, does it show. I like grunge, but I don't want it on my floors.

It stayed blessedly cool again yesterday, contrary to what the weatherman had said the night before. Alas, it's about to heat back up, though. We're looking at high 80s today and high 90s tomorrow. And humid. Ugh.

Have a Terrific Tuesday and enjoy the video.


g-man said...

(Knock Knock)

Pardon me Miss, this is Acme Cleaning service...

"At your service day or night
We do the job and do it right

You need vacuumin done here lady?

Serena said...

Yes, I do need vacuumin'. Badly. If you're up for it, come on in!;)

snowelf said...

I wouldn't trust that cleaning service... ;)

That doggie pic is TOO cute!


Serena said...

Oh, I don't know, Snow. One has to take cleaning wherever one can get it.:-) I know, that doggie is adorable. And smart!:)