Monday, August 02, 2010

Return of the Prodigal

The weather Saturday and Sunday was simply unbelievable -- around 70 for the Saturday high and only in the 60s yesterday. I kept my windows open and the fresh air was wonderful.

I've been walking a lot -- with a stick. I have no doubt it's strengthening me, albeit it's about ten days prior to seeing the doctor again and he had told me not to do it beforehand. It makes me feel a bit sore, but it's muscular. If I thought it was doing any harm to the broken and put back together area I, of course, wouldn't do it. This week, I intend to see if I can get outside and down the stairs on my own.

My prodigal pup returned home yesterday. I missed her so much and was so happy to see her. I'm sure she enjoyed being a "houseguest" last week, but she's clearly glad to be home. I got lots of puppy smoochies.Y

You guys have a good Monday and I'll see you tomorrow.


G-Man said...

I bet you let her kiss you full on the lips. People and their Doggies are downright nasty!

Good luck with the Stick Sherry.

Have a Great Week...G

Marion said...

It was 103 here yesterday with a heat index of 115. No shit! I'm glad you got your baby back. Send some of those cool breezes our way. Be careful on those stairs and don't rush yourself!!!!! Love & Blessings!

snowelf said...

Happy homecoming.
I am so glad you are feeling better. I have been your silent cheerleader.



Serena said...

Well, of course I do, Galen. And we AIN'T nasty, either.:P You have a great week, too.:)

Oh, my Lord, Marion. That is HOT. Thank God you have AC. Not to worry, I'm being careful.xox

Thank you, Snow. Your silent cheers are much appreciated.:)