Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's No Accident

I love the whole idea of parallel universes. You know what you're doing here, at this moment, but what do you suppose you'd be doing at this same moment in some parallel universe? That's a serious question; answer, please.

There's a school of thought that holds that there is a reason for everything that happens. Do you believe it? It's a yes or no question, so please pick one. I, myself, believe it. Sometimes, it takes years to understand what life might be trying to teach you, but I do believe it always gets its point across. Eventually.

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Do you believe that "there are no accidents?" Yes or no, please. Perhaps there are no "accidents," but rather a world full of synchronicity. I'm not a big believer in psychobabble, possibly because whining and passing the buck irritates me. I do, however, like the word "synchronicity" as coined by Carl Jung, defined as "the temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events." The whole concept makes sense to me.

I'm babbling, I know. I tend to do that when I'm thinking. And I have been thinking. A lot. You guys are off the hook for today, though. All that's required of you is to have a terrific Tuesday -- and be aware of the synchronicity going on around you. Think about it. And question it. Question everything. Always.


Marion said...

There ARE accidents. LOL!

I love, love, love the new look of your blog. Very Southern Belle (which you are!) xoxo

Skunkfeathers said...

In my thrice-concussed mind, possibilities are endless, like the recipe choices for zucchini.

However, my computer does NOT handle the idea of parallel universes well. Like when I am using the editor of one of my games to alter a scenario, and happen to superimpose a situation atop another situation...my 'this dimension' computer does a *Warner Bros shake-up* sound and denies the shared time-space continuum. But in the other dimension(s)? A series of "woot woots" and "you go!" erupt, along with hoots and catcalls at my one-dimensional computer, which sulks away under the desk, and pouts for a spell.

It's all very weird. But then, so is my whole comment.

Anonymous said...


to me,
is just what we make it,
or make of it...

like today(!)

it's no accident that today is tuesday, the very day i say "HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY, SERENA JOY!", and here i am!!! or maybe it is

i do like your new, clean blog look

× × ×


G-Man said...

Carl Jung coined Synchronicity?
I thought it was Sting!!!

Your new look is Great!

Serena said...

Ahhh, but ARE they accidents, Marion, or ... are they nudges from the cosmos? Hmmm. Thank you for the compliment, dahling. It was definitely time for a change, and this belle does love pink.:)

So, basically, Skunk, you're not a big believer in the "woo-woo" stuff. Me, too, for the most part. But then again, you never know. Woo-woo science could explain your computer's pouting and sulking.:-)

I heartily agree with you, /t. Whatever we get, we have to take it, run with it, and make the best of it. And it's certainly no accident that it's Tuesday and that you said what you were destined to say. I'm glad you like the new look, and you have a great Tuesday, too!;)

Perhaps Sting stole, Galen? Hmmm. If he did, it was no accident. I'm so glad you like the new design; thanks!;)

snowelf said...

I believe that there are accidents. I believe that there are fortunate coincidences.
And I believe that sometimes, when you need the universe to help you out, you can use your will to bend the events of the universe to give you exactly what you need when you need it.

I know, I'm like a smorgasbord of beliefs sometimes.


Serena said...

I believe a lot of different things, too, Snow. I don't believe in narrow-mindedness, so it all works. Somehow.:)

Hale McKay said...

Hey there erstwhile partner. I like the new look. (I took on a new template too.)

Between my short stories and FB I've been remiss visited my blog roll as much as I would like to.

Scrolling down I learned of your broken hip. Sorry to hear that. I hope you are healing - and will be 100 % again soon!

Serena said...

Mr. Hale McKay, as I live and breathe. Hey, there! I've been really remiss, too, and am going to try to do better. I am doing much better, thanks, and hope to get back to work next week.:)