Monday, June 28, 2010

Going AWOL

I'll be having back-to-back houseguests from the end of this week through July 12th, so I'm thinking I just may take a little break from blogging during that time. Of course, nothing is ever written in stone, so who knows? I may pop in and out, and I may not. Of course, I'll have to tell you something tomorrow about Skank Girl's first day in my new office today. That ought to be a hoot. It's not going to help matters that one of the more knowledgeable staff members is on vacation this week, or that I'm going to be beating my head against the wall trying to prepare a project for tomorrow that I am not familiar with. It'll either be funny in some sort of way, or it'll be a disaster. Let's go with funny!

Meanwhile, Happy Monday!


G-Man said...

I vote for ...FUNNY!

And lets hope your house guests are NOT free loaders, that expect you to entertain them and sponge off you!
You are now a hard working girl, that needs to relax after work. You need someone to fetch you Cap'n & Coke Zero and rub your very pretty feet...Whew!

That sounds like an offer, but I wouldn't want your boy friend to pound me...:P

Marion said...

I hope your guests are people you like and not free-loading relatives. LOL! I'll miss you. Hurry back. I can't wait to hear the continued saga of Skankgirl. xoxo

Serena said...

Alas, Galen, there was nothing funny about today. Ugh. If you're offering a Cap'n and a foot rub, you're on!;)

Oh, you'll love this, Marion -- the first wave of guests is PsychoSis. Luckily for me, the next wave will be friendlies.:)

G-Man said...

Really? Thats a Yes?

(Gets out his map)
Do you live by Clay County

Serena said...

Where's Clay County and what happens there? That's not like Deliverance country, is it?

The thought of a footrub makes you shudder?! Scratch that, then.:)