Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday Guest Post

I'm enjoying my freedom from Boss Lady's Hell. It's wonderful! And luckily for me, I have company through the weekend, so it's extra fun.

Roxan has written a deliciously ironic guest post for us today. And remember, anyone who wants to do one can pick a topic from the sidebar on the right and go right to it. Any and all efforts are appreciated.

Happy Thursday!

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The Question Gnawing at the Police, Wear Is James Pelton?

We increased production by fifty five percent because of the new rules implemented since the president of the company went missing. In my division alone, we have done over a million dollars in sales and with the new in facility day care the amount of employee absences has decreased significantly.

Sure, we've had to deal with the law coming in, snooping around, and hauling people “downtown” but we didn't mind. The detectives were pretty nice though and many of them showed up at the picnic fund raiser for Pelton's wife and kids. They really enjoyed that barebecue! Lucky for them there was plenty as our company had recently gone vegan. About the same time Pelton went missing. Now he could be anywhere. Flushed away into oblivion.

I've got this cute little leather jacket that I made myself. It's one of a kind and it looks like it was made professionally. Even I was amazed at how well it turned out. Emily Pelton especially admired it and commented on the roses imprinted on it. She has already met a new guy who is really good to her and the kids. I offered her the jacket, but she said she didn't want anything around that reminded her of Pelton. He had this thing about roses.


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Thanks, /t. Liberation feels great! Have a wonderful weekend.:)