Friday, May 21, 2010

Serena's Friday Playdate

TGIF, kids. Have a fabulous weekend.

Test how cynical are you

My Quiz Result: You are quite cynical. You find doubts in everything. You have a habit of being suspicious on most occasions.

Take this quiz: Test how cynical are you

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You Try to Tread Lightly

You would like to make the world a better place, but you also don't want to inflict any damage on it.

You try to live a green and sustainable life. The environment matters deeply to you.

You are thoughtful in your decisions and words. You think everyone should try harder not to harm one another.

You don't think big... in fact, you tend to think small. You know that one small action can make a big difference.


G-Man said...

You think small?
Thats not what I heard.
I hope the day has been productive!
Have a Great Week-End...:-)

Serena said...

Well, it's not the most intuitive quiz in the world, Galen.:-) My day has been totally unproductive -- exactly what I wanted. Happy weekend to you, too.;)

Skunkfeathers said...

How cynical? Between politics and work, my cynicism is reaching new lows I didn't reckon possible!

Serena said...

Personally, Skunk, I think a sizeable portion of cynicism is a healthy thing to have.:)