Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

These Words Gone Wild followed me home and I'm begging you to do something with them. What, I don't care -- write something with them, define them, make them do cartwheels. You can feed them to the buzzards if you want to. Just make it amusing, if you please.


See what I mean? They're impossible! And I am not keeping them around my house.

Do your thing, kids, and have a great Thursday.


G-Man said...

After ma pappy moved to Tennasee, he was very desolute!One day he was gestering kinda underseving cause he was old and rinkled, and not near as flexiable as he used to be. "Son, run down to the nearest phone booth and steal me the yellow pages, we are outta corn cobs."

Anonymous said...


ancient & honorable
profession in service as king's fool

(i'm gesting, of course)


× × ×


Serena said...

Oh, Lord, Galen, I fear Pappy's desolute privy paraphernalia would give me the insuations. Ouch!:)

I'd rather be the king's gester, /t., than the old toadie queen's squeaky toy. Happy TGIF Eve, no gest!:)

dons_mind said...

the situation was desolute! galen was gestering and underseving of such insuations, but Tenasee rinkled on................

((i know, it's sad - but couldn't risest)) lol

Serena said...

It's not sad a bit, Don; made ME laugh, and that's what counts. Thanks!:)

Brian Miller said...

when yur frum tennasee linguistics are just dont tell my wife, she's from bristol

Serena said...

Those linguistics can be just as flexiable on the VA side of Bristol, Brian. But my lips are sealed!:)

Skunkfeathers said...

rinkled: how one appears, after one too many butt polishings trying to skate

desolute: badly-made lutefisk

gestering: a silly ring favored by clowns

Tennasee: a redneck skool stewdunt doin' his cyphers...

underseving: beneath seving it's...ewwww...

insuations: gossip around the water cooler at Geico

flexiable: Vanna White has a bad vowel day on WoF

Serena said...

LOL, Skunk. Perfect job!;)