Monday, March 01, 2010

Turbo Hell

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I finally made myself buckle down yesterday afternoon and do my taxes. With the help of Turbo Tax. It took a lot longer than I expected but, once I started, I had to stick with it. And what was the end result, you ask? How big a refund am I getting? Nothing! You can imagine my shock -- and what I said -- when I saw that I have to PAY. Apparently, Boss Lady's accountant isn't withholding enough, so I'll be speaking to her about that today. It's not a huge amount that I have to pay, but I'm offended that I have to pay anything. I never have before. It ticks me off just on general principle. I make practically NO money, but I don't qualify for a tax credit because I'm no longer buying diapers and daycare? That's absurd! The income tax was never meant to become a permanent fixture, anyway, so why are we still laboring under its yoke?

Oh, well, things could certainly be worse. At least I wasn't in Chile Saturday morning. What a humongous earthquake! Mother Nature just has not been a happy camper lately.

Oh, and I'm happy to say that I survived to report that after the ordeal of wading around in Tax Hell without any hip waders, last night's full moon affected me not at all!


puerileuwaite said...

If it wasn't you this full moon, then WHO was that howlin' outside my window?

Roxan said...

They didn't take enough out of my son's either. Not enough FICA to boot. He wouldn't have to pay anything but I just told him to hold on to the w2 and do it another year. We're also trying to find out WTF???
Seriously. He made 11,000 and the only took out $590. Even a novice knows something isn't right there!

Realliveman said...

Actually the reason you and many other people won't be getting anything back this year after getting money back every year for God know how long is becuase of a new tax law this year. It's called the Taking A Dump on the Middle Class Tax. LOL

Serena said...

Oh, I see you met my evil twin, Pugsley. She IS pretty cute, though, huh? Just beware the long teeth on her.:)

If he can wait, Roxan, sounds like an option to me. He, too, apparently needs to tell his employer his withholding needs some adjustment.

I think you're exactly right, Realliveman. So, what do we do about it?:)

G-Man said...

It's a TRAVESTY I say!!!!
I'd say drop it in the mail 11:59 PM on April 15th..

Serena said...

It certainly is, Galen! And you can bet I'll wait 'til the last minute to mail 'em their pound of flesh.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

Yeah the new regime told the IRS to jack with the withholding, as well as to delay refund payouts (the better to spend more money we ain't got to spend, me pretty). The dump on the middle class is just getting started.

As to what we can do about it...FIRE THE RULING PARTY in '10 and '12. And if the Repubs don't do any better, FIRE THEM TOO.

We elect people in a constitutional representative republic, not annoint rulers to do as they bloody well please.

*end rant*

Serena said...

Well, that does it, Skunk. I'm running for Queen of these here United States. Would you care for a cabinet position?:-)