Friday, February 19, 2010

Serena's Friday Playdate

It hasn't snowed since Monday. Yay! The wind has been blowing and whipping stuff around for days, though. It's been a real pain having to be outside in it, and a pain in that old mausoleum I work in. I've been working at my desk in three sweaters and a jacket every day. It's ridiculous. Today, however, I'm having none of that because it's ... TGIF!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Your Mardi Gras Name is Sophronia Berangere


There are no words.
Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey.


g-man said...

Hey Sophie, hows it going?

My Mardi Gras name is Dildorama Retarde'!
Guess what they call me for short?

Marion said...

TGIF, girlie! My Mardi Gras name is Ameline Delphine. Laizzez les bontemps roulez!!! xoxoxo

Roxan said...

Mardi Gras name: Alzophine Rosella

I'm Pauly Shore too. LOL

And I liked Encino Man. It was a funny movie. Pauly make be b-list but he can be funny.

To g-man: I can come up with several things they call you for short with that name. LOL

Serena said...

Sophie shudders to think what they might be calling you for short, Galen. LOL.:-)

TGIF, Ameline! Was it too cold for y'all to celebrate Mardi Gras by the swamps? Hope not!:)

Pauly may be B-list, but anybody with the name Alzophine Rosella has to be a strong A-lister. TGIF!:)

quid said...

We're clos.... I'm Delphine Sophronia!


Serena said...

Sometimes we just need to be somebody else, don't you think, Quid? I know I'm ready.:)

Anonymous said...

mardi gras name
is Cyriaque Virgil

"the virgin poet" (loose xlation)


× × ×


Serena said...

Why, Happy Weekend to YOU, dear Cyriaque Virgil.<3

puerileuwaite said...

So ... NO sweater today?

Darn. Cute redheads in sweaters are my Kryptonite.

Was the jacket ... black leather?

(I'm asking for a friend.)

Serena said...

No sweater today, Pugsley, because I'm in my own home and I have heat. Plus, it's 55 degrees today. But you can tell your friend that Thursday was a white sweater over a yellow sweater and, yes, a black leather jacket. And if your friend happens to be Black Bart, you should tell him I said he's adorable.:)