Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jacked Up

I've been jacked up, jammed up, and just generally jittery all week, so I'm in the mood for music today. Give this a listen and then tell me if you love it as much as I do. And -- tell me what you're having for lunch today. I've got peanut butter crackers and rice cakes. Yum, yum! If you're faring better, do tell. It's the little things, you know; the stray vicarious thrill.

Have a Terrific Thursday.


G-Man said...

The 1/4 pound double cheeseburger for a Buck at Burger King..
And an UN-Sweetened Iced Tea!
Mighty Tasty!!
Unparalled Deliciousness...Much Like YOU!!!

G-Man said...



Realliveman said...

Awesome song!

Skunkfeathers said...

Listening to a late 50s-early 2000s mix of folk, rock, easy listenin' and instrumentals...dat be da ticket ;-)

Serena said...

You and that god-awful UNsweetened tea, Galen. LOL. Man, I'm swooning at the thought of that cheeseburger.:)

Oh, indeed! The wonders of a good cheeseburger are unparalleled and endlessly boundless!:-)

Glad you enjoyed it, Realliveman! I thought it was pretty awesome, too.:)

If it gets you through, Skunk, I say go for it. And enjoy!:)

quid said...

Loved the tune....a lot! About 200% more appealing than anything on American Idol.

BLT on whole wheat toast. Great deli in my building.


Serena said...

For sure, Quid. There are only a couple out of this season's whole crop of Idol contestants I can even bear listening to. Dang, girl, I'd trade you my crackers AND my rice cakes for that BLT.:)

g-man said...

Serena Joy...?
You have ideas of your own about my concept of The Time Space Continuum?
Maybe You got a Calender for Christmas...I didn't!
I'm just wingin it from the Hip!

Serena said...

Oh, yeah, Galen, I have some ideas of my own. I got a calendar for Christmas, too, neener-neener. So what it was that you said I said I thought you thought you were doing with that time thing -- 'splain!:P

puerileuwaite said...

I don't eat lunch unless the lady is buying.

Serena said...

You're on, Pugsley. I mean, how much can one little Pug eat -- a cup of kibble and a bowl of water?;)

Lee said...

I think I'm going to grill a piece of rump steak for myself later and I'll make a mushroom sauce to go with it, grill a tomato and have some chips (French fries) with it...and that should just about do me for the day, other than my usual fruit devouring!

snowelf said...

Love the song! Downloading it now.
(As you knew I would since we have very similar tastes in music) ;)

I had a Lean Cusine on Thursday, which may have been one of the only times I've eaten anything that resembled a "meal" all week. Thank god the boys were forcing me to eat. :P

Although I really do like rice cakes...


Serena said...

Sounds like a yummy meal, Lee. Hope it was as good as it sounds.:)

It truly is a wonderful song, Snow. I just love it. I eat Lean Cuisines for dinner fairly frequently, and they're not bad at all. And I'm totally hooked on "caramel corn" rice cakes.:)