Monday, December 21, 2009

A White Pre-Christmas

It may not actually snow ON Christmas though, at this point, who knows? But this stuff will definitely be around for Christmas.

It started snowing Friday afternoon as I was on my way home from buying my Christmas present to me. At times, it was coming down at the rate of 2-3 inches per hour. By Saturday morning, we had 15+ inches, and it wasn't done yet. But rather than my trying to tell you, why don't I just show you?

Happy Monday!

View out my patio door Friday afternoon

Also Friday afternoon, out the patio door

What my car looked like Friday afternoon. It's the small blue one, first car to your right.

Same view Saturday morning

View out the patio door toward the back of the complex, Saturday morning

Another patio view

View of the street out front, which is normally a very busy artery, Saturday morning

View of the parking lot Saturday morning. That church steeple across the side street, by the way, is lit up at night and is very beautiful.

Looking down my sidewalk Saturday morning

View of the parking lot Saturday morning. That's my car.

I'm probably not going to work at all today, unless maybe it's later this afternoon for a couple of hours. I can't get my car out, thanks to the non-job the clean-up crew did. My neighbor, her son, and I are going out mid-morning (she has a Jeep and got out yesterday) to see if we can procure a snow shovel and then we're going to dig me out. B-Lady can't get out, either, and SG says she's only staying for a little while if she gets in to the office at all, so I'm not worried about. This is not a job I'm exactly dedicated to, you know what I mean? I'll get there when I get there.


Marion said...

SNOW DAY!!!! Yea! It's really beautiful, SJ. Enjoy your snow day and I command you to not even THINK about work. xoxoxo Blessings!!

Serena said...

Thanks, Marion. I'm enjoying the heck out of my snow day without one iota of guilt -- whatever an iota is.:)

Anonymous said...

i really
want to know is
what, exactly, you had to
do to get that close-in parking spot,
what if any role did skank girl have in all of this -- details, girl, details(!)


× × ×


PS -- an iota is even smaller than a miata


Serena said...

SG had nothing to do with that parking space, /t. That's at my home, and I got it by getting there Friday afternoon before anyone else did. Sheesh, if an iota is smaller than a miata, I don't want one!;)

G-Man said...

Yes Virginia...There is a White Christmas!
Your poor little car Sherry...xo

dons_mind said...

snow days are good for ya! pretty pics - long as i'm here in TX and not there!

Merry Christmas Serena!

Serena said...

For sure, Galen. And not to worry, my little car is all dug out and fine.:)

I'd be glad to send some out to you, Don. We have plenty.:)

colbymarshall said...

I'm jealous! We never get snow in GA! :(

Serena said...

I could send you a little, colbymarshall, since we have some to spare.:)

puerileuwaite said...

WTF? No distinguishable license plate number? This will make chasing YOUR car that much more of a challenge.

Serena said...

But I have every faith that you're up to the challenge, Pugsley.;)