Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

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It's Thursday, so I suppose Twisted Linguistics must dabble in a little blasfomy. Here are the words:

hit a plat toe
acrossed the street

I suppose that perpective suggests to me something a bird might do. It doesn't hurt too much if his greedy little beak misses your head. Hitting a plat toe, now, just sounds like a high plane of pain, any time, anywhere. I'm not sure what is required to achieve the abilities to spon, much less respon. Perhaps the same ones it takes for a resounding, resonating reasonning. If A crossed the street, what happened to B? Did he get run down by a semi, or is he a SmartPhone junkie who was eaten by app roches? Perhaps he suffered the same fate as when you diss a perence.

Truly, I am clueless. What do you think?


G-Man said...

Thats why you fall in love with kittens...
But when they yack up that 1st hair ball, get worms, and spill liquid shit on your carpet, thats when they stop being cute!
Have a GREAT day Sherry!

mona s said...

perpective : by every chunk of wood that flies when the woodpecker pecks it

hit a plat toe : sounds like a name of a game

responsabilities : the ability to response

reasonning : Giving birth to another son

acrossed the street : build a crossroad on a street

approches : Genetically engineered cockroaches .

dissaperence : Failing to ape something

Mona said...

what the hell happened to my profile picture???

Serena said...

Oh, trust me, Galen, dogs yack and hurl and spill yucky stuff, too. I love 'em dearly, though.:)

Hi, Mona! You're on a roll today with definitions. Great job! Not sure what happened with your pic, but it looks like you used two different profiles, mona and mona s. The mona s one doesn't have a photo.:)

/t. said...

i missed
the hump day,
but here to wish

"acrossed the street"...
not often heard north of south, but "acrossed the street, agot to the other side, anow here aam!"

× × ×


dons_mind said...

since ah approches mah responsabilities and reasonning accrossed the street, ah've hit a plat toe and cauzed a dissaperence without no ma lice and endignance - dat's mah sto ree and ah'm sticin to it like mo lasices on grid cakes.

Serena said...

Sorry you missed Hump Day, /t., but ah hope y'all had 'ya a Happy Thursday!;)

Don, you are very good with these crazy words! I love your little story. Thank you, suh!:)

Brian Miller said...

love that cat cat is getting a tad nicer in her old age...maybe a new

Serena said...

Isn't that cat adorable, Brian? And ... you used one of the "words." Yay!:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

perpective: thoughts from a cat dork?

hit a plat toe: stepped on the foot of a platypus

responsabilities: the requirements of one's abs to stand up straight and not sag

reasonning: Chinese logic

acrossed the street: traffik tawk in Gawjaw ;-)

approches: dating tips for cockroaches

dissaperence: making fun of a primate's references

Serena said...

Another fine job of twisting these linguistics, Skunk.:-)