Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good God Almighty, Somebody Send Help!

Yesterday at work was so abominably bad that I'm trying to block it from my mind. Unfortunately, today will be just as bad -- maybe even worse -- albeit for different reasons. Therefore, as God is my witness, I'll think about that tomorrow because, so saith Scarlett O'Hara, tomorrow is another day.

Unless you've been in Siberia lately, you've probably seen this. If you have, you must see it again because I just absolutely love it. In fact, next time I get married, we're doing this. Different dresses, different song, but ... we're dancing.


G-Man said...

I don't live in Siberia..
I've never seen this before..
It certainly is unforgettable..
You will look HOT indeed dancing down the aisle, I hope I'm there to see it!!

snowelf said...

Hello Serena!!

I seriously want to kidnap you from your job and then we can join forces and take over the world. That can't be nearly as bad as the gig you have now, right? ;)


Roxan said...

That is the best wedding I've ever seen. I'm so doing that too! Love it!

Anonymous said...

*looks around* I didn't realize this was Siberia. :P I've heard of the video but never saw it. Looks like a fun party in a church. ;-)

Serena said...

Well, you're invited, Galen. You have to dance, now. That's the price of admission.:)

Hey, Snow! I am SO ready to be kidnapped. And ready and willing to take over the world. Let's do it!:-)

Isn't it great, Roxan? Such joy. I'll be one of your bridesmaids if you'll be one of mine.:)

Hi, MomsJournal. Oh, yes, it does look like such great fun. If you'll wear a cute dress and dance down the aisle, you're invited to my next wedding.:)

NYD said...

I figure Japan is close enough to Siberia to qualify for ignorance.

Marriages are like hangovers: always promising god or yourself that you'll be better....next time.

Serena said...

Well, there is that, NYD. But you're coming to -- and dancing at -- my next one anyway, right?:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

Having come off a bad weekend myself, you have my support...and a seconding of G-Man's comments about you dancing ;)

Serena said...

I'd reserve judgment on my dancing, Skunk. It's not going to be very pretty. Or graceful. But if you promise not to yell at me to sit down, I'll save a dance for you.:-)