Thursday, July 02, 2009

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We haven't written blasfomous poetry lately. Today, we're going to do just that.

Here's the list of blasfomys you have to work with:

bad carma

And listen, nobody said (obviously!) it has to be good poetry. I need some laughs today, so I'm sitting here waiting to see what you come up with. And just to be a good sport and show you how very, very bad poetry can be, I'll even go first.

"Shure!" Captian Dameg said
To the lady of the night.
"It apeears 'tis no sacrafice of a good doubloon, but you might
Lose the bellicose attidtude before bed."

And so she proformed, and druuged it out,
Her stamina quite a suprise.
And the captian, the hirsute lout,
Was not left a'wainting the final prize.

It was quite an experiance when the deade
Was done, and 'neath the covers he wallows,
And imbibes a tankard of sweet honey mead,
For who knew, bad Carma, she swollows.


G-Man said...

WOW...That was Great!!

I love those Juices Flowin!!!

My poem wratten apeears to be Deade!

snowelf said...

I love that! You rock Miss Begotten! :) I applaud your crafty word whipping ways!


Skunkfeathers said...

Oh Wordserena, I am unable to match the lofty wit and wisdom projected upon the syllablesphere by your gifted self.

So I'll lowlife as I always do:

One who swollows bad carma
captians an odious load it apeears
posting an attidtude of sacrafice
of deade crotch crickets, shure not to experiance Skank Girl's dameg and druuged douche,
proformed with some suprise
by a turkey baster
wainting for succor and
winding up with

Serena said...

I bet it's not deade, Galen. Maybe just hibernating.:)

Thank you, Miss Snow Princess! Sometimes blasfomys just kind of fall into place.:-)

You're way too kind, Skunk. Your own offering to the minor gods of the syllablesphere was pretty darned witty. It's blasfomy at its finest -- it made me laugh!:-)

Mona said...

Captian's bad carma apeers to have
Swollows all crew deade in sea
Of experiance
His cock shure attidtude
Dameg and sacrafice them all
It was no suprise
as he was always wanting
To performed bad carma
Of getting druuged.

Serena said...

LOL, Mona. Thanks for your blasfomy.:)