Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Meme Me Today

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We haven't done a Meme in a while. Let's do one today. And not just because my brain went a bit mushy yesterday and I couldn't think of anything else to do, either. They're fun! You know they are. We'll call this one the Meme by Fives.

1. My 5 favorite things to eat are:
Ice cream, ice cream toppings, shrimp, french fries, cheeseburgers

2. My 5 best childhood friends were:
Bobbie, Lynne, Stephanie, Sharon, Janet

3. My 5 favorite non-alcoholic beverages are:
Coffee, iced tea, water, Coke Zero, Dr Pepper

4. My 5 high school boy/girlfriends were:
Kenny, Lewis, Billy, Tom, Dennis

5. My 5 most annoying traits are:
Need for space, quick temper, reading/writing marathons, stubborn, horrible at Math

6. If you ask me, my 5 best qualities are:
Ability to see both sides of an argument, logical, reasonably tolerant, quick study, I don't yell, bite, or claw unless provoked

7. The names of 5 pets I've owned in my life are:
Tasha, Simon, Katie, Molly, Puck

8. The 5 things I like best about my job are:
Bathroom breaks, smoke breaks, food breaks, Internet access, quitting time

9. My 5 favorite TV shows are:
The Closer, In Plain Sight, Bones, CSI, Law & Order

10. My 5 favorite authors are:
Tess Gerritsen, James Lee Burke, Robert Crais, Harlan Coben, Alafair Burke

11. The 5 things I'm most scared of (aside from vampires, zombies, and the Apocalypse):
Deep water; dark caves, especially underwater; large, hungry animals, especially if they're rabid; psycho killers; boredom

12. My 5 most annoying habits are:
Collecting killer shoes (or so I'm told), impulsiveness, letting moron drivers know how annoying they are, watching TV in bed (or so I'm told), grunting/groaning/muttering/gritting teeth when annoyed

13. The 5 primary reasons why I answered this Meme:
I had to go first or you wouldn't do it, boredom, it's a non-creative day, et cetera, ad nauseam


G-Man said...

Abridged version...

1.Favorite Color...Red
2.Favorite nickname..Red
3.Favorite Dessert..Strawberry Tart
4.Favorite Soda..Red Pop
5.Most Annoying Traits..I never follow Meme directions....:P

NYD said...

Wait, I'm taking off my socks so I can count to five.

Serena said...

I'm not going to bite, kick, or claw, Galen but, um, I don't think I asked those questions. You're one of those guys who would rather die than stop and ask for directions, aren't you?:-)

Good heavens, NYD, are you STILL counting? Just how many toes do you have?:-)