Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
It's Thursday, and that means Blasfomy Day. Here are the rogue words I've rounded up this week. You can do anything you want to them, and I do mean anything. Nobody will call the police, CPS, Homeland Security, or the Coast Guard. All I ask is that you make me laugh. I deserve it, damn it.

Jesus or Mohanand or Budda
if you want to prey to some being

One more day cooped up with Skank Girl and the paranoid Boss Lady and then it's my weekend. Yay! Y'all have a happy Thursday, now.


G-Man said...

Hi Red....
I'll do one...Encorrage.

A musical act so bad, that you get IRATE, when they come back on stage!

Hurray for your week-end...:P

Skunkfeathers said...

First, a haiku in honor of your coming weekend:

Skank Girl got it on
scratchin' an' itchin' and stuff
she got crotch crickets

Now, to the blasfomies:

aprrecaited: scammer expectations of largesse from yours truly, 'til a few emails pass ;)

disciplie: town in Libya

encorrage: longest threatrical encore ever knowd

substancial: a stancial that is submersible in water

negitive: redneckspeak fer "ya ain't gonna git nun o' that h'yar"

Jesus or Mohanand or Budda: a religious Three Stooges act about to hit da soicut with two a night at the Vatican? *ducking boos and throwd hymnals*

if you want to prey on some being: if you prey upon a star and wonder at how burned you are, at 2400 Celius, it's not a bloody wonder...prey upon something a bit cooler.

Serena said...

Well, damn, don't everybody talk at once.

Yay! Galen did a word. That's a pretty good one, too. I am now officially on my extra long weekend. Hurray!:-)

I love the haiku, Skunk. I'm going to print it and frame it real pretty and present it to SK when I tell her to kiss my butt just before I mosey on outta there. That's an excellent crop of definitions you produced. Kudos!:)

VE said...

With enough creative ingenuity at missing Friday, Thursday can be the new Friday!

/t. said...

crotch crickets

stick it inna wicket
finda crotch cricket
click it, tick it, pick it
stick it, crotch cricket!


¤ ¤ ¤


Serena said...

Works for me, VE. I'm always up for something new. Truth is, though, I got up with a bad headache this morning and had to go back to bed. Therefore, I didn't do any blog stuff.:)

LOL, /t. I can see that you, too, are enamored with the whole concept of crotch crickets. I do wish them on Skank Girl, along with rickets, ticks, and crabs. And a Happy TGIF to YOU!:-)