Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

ImageChef Word Mosaic -
Here are today's blasfomys. I got them all, but I'd be really interested in what you think they mean. These are such fertile Words Gone Wild that I'm sure they must have myriad meanings. Let's hear your alternative definitions, please.

retared - Person in Appalachia who's too old to work.

Renassaince - A resurgence of sanity; swords and tights optional.

exhonerated - The results of trying to improve one's skills, unsuccessfully.

henious - Evil crimes against poultry.

maarried - Very damned wed.

resonably - When your male child doesn't do it right the first time.

sensable - Really practical fur coat.

filty - A pool that's too dirty to clean out.

passiom - Idiomatic love that's too rote to last.

beilieve - Yelling out what one thinks.

religon - Losing my religion.

prosicustion - Prosecutable crime against language.

criticising the athiests - Well, duh, who wouldn't?

jaol - Prison for people who hate America Online. Also, the rapper known as J-aol.

dig a whole and burry hisself - He should. He completely should.

how he was fairing - The things Henry did at the county carnival, though we won't tell his wife about the hoochie-coochie show.

yous your head - You think; therefore, you are. Aren't yous?

circumsidesed - Type of bris performed by circus folk.


G-Man said...

You know I can't do these Sherry...
OK, I'll do one..
Retarred...How an idiot spells his condition.

OK, One more..
Sensable..Knowing how to give the correct change!

Thats it! I got a headache...

Have a Great Day...G

Skunkfeathers said...

I did the whole dadgummed thing, and the connection severed, eating the entire repertoire!!!!! YUGO CRAP!!!!!

So I remember one:

yous your head: this is yous, this is your head; this one's fer thinkin', and this one's fer....stop that!

Blame Blogger and the stupid AlGoreisphere for the rest of it!

Serena said...

Oh, please, Galen -- 2 words gave you a headache? And you call ME a wuss. LOL. Oh, well, maybe you can do more next week.:-)

Oh, poor Skunk! I'm so sorry the damned machine ate your homework. I DO blame Blogger and the AlWhatchacallit. The one definition you remembered made me giggle, though, if that's any consolation.:)

Mona said...

Retared : road rebuilt

maaried, mother got married

passiom : opposite of a Colosseum , where love plays are held instead of hate games

porsicution, taking a prostitute to a court

Serena said...

LOL, Mona.:)