Monday, March 02, 2009

Winter's Last Hurrah?

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It's been a cold Winter around here, colder than it's been in years. We've had no snow to speak of, though. With days of Spring-like temperatures in recent weeks, one might think one had seen the tail-end of Winter for this year. One would be wrong. It snowed all day yesterday and, lo and behold, it actually accumulated. If I were a kid, I'd have gotten out a sled, had a ball, and thought it was wonderful. I am not a kid. I'm a lady of a certain age who hasn't been feeling so great, so all I saw was a mess of cold white stuff that had to be trudged through with a dog who had to be taken out to take care of business. And with a leash in one hand and an umbrella in the other, you can be sure that there were some prime cuss words uttered.

I did try to take some pictures because, unwelcome as the snowfall was, it was pretty. The pictures didn't come out. More cuss words. Since the weatherman says it'll be cold for another couple of days but will warm up as the week progresses and be 70 by Saturday, maybe this is Winter's last hurrah. It had better be. If it gets frigid again, there's really going to be some top-notch cussing going on.

I don't know yet what time -- or even if -- I'm going to work this morning, where I do not want to be, anyway. It's a big mess outside with piles of snow, cold in the 20s, and wind. It's going to take me quite a while to dig out my car, plus I'd feel better if I waited for the snow plows to do a little more to the roads. If I end up taking a snow day, it won't bother me a bit. I've reached a point where I hate this job with every fiber of my being. I'm not going to sit here and go into details and whine about it. All anyone needs to know is that I. Hate. It. Alas, the Sunday Classifieds are gleaning me no leads these days. The pickings are slim. Anorexically so. Hopefully, the job market will pick up and I'll luck into something while there is still some energy and a few surviving brain cells in my body.

Have a great Monday, everyone.


Hale McKay said...

In response to the question asked by your post's title "Winter's Last Hurrah?" -

I HOPE so!

We were blessed - make that beset- with a foot+ of the white stuff.

Don't they* know that meteorlogically it's Spring?

*Mother Nature and Old Man Winter

(I think they're shacked up somewhere and not doing their jobs.)

Wishing you luck on finding a desirable job.

g-man said...

I've never seen you this disenchanted with anything on this Earth like you are with this job!!!
Some people just don't see things through other peoples eyes. I know you are professional, well groomed, well mannered, extremely knowledgeable, prompt, conscientious, petite, beautiful, honest...did I say beautiful?
Anyway, don't let the pot er, bastards get to you!!

g-man said...

...Did I mention that you are beautiful?

At my age I may repeat myself!

Serena said...

God, I hope so, too, Mike. If this isn't the end of Winter, I'm afraid I'm going to be provoked into taking drastic measures. Like Voodoo. Or something. And I'm sure you feel the same way with a foot of the blasted stuff. So sorry about that!:)

You make a great cheering section, Galen, albeit "disenchanted" doesn't come close to describing how I really feel. Things are so bad that it's coming to a head tomorrow. Or else. The friggin' potlicker's going to answer some very tough questions or else I'm walking. And if I get fired before I can walk, so be it. I'm not taking this crap any more.:(

Skunkfeathers said...

For us -- so far -- this is the mildest winter I recall in years. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, record-breaking highs (mid 70s each day), and no snow in the near forecast. March is always our snowiest month.

But just six years ago, the epic "Blizzard of '03" shut everything down for a few days, and dumped 11 measured feet of snow in a rural portion of Gilpin County (where I work, just west of me).

At any given time.... ;)

VE said...

I so want to take my studded snow tires off. But we've been dumped on here in March and this has been quite the cold here for around here so I guess I'm gonna have to wait a few weeks...

Serena said...

11 FEET of snow, Skunk?! Holy snowballs! I don't know how people cope with that kind of snow. Luckily, your 70s are moving this way and will be here by the weekend. Now, if only I can survive tonight's 10 degrees...:)

Good thinking, VE. As soon as you take them off, chances go up that you'll get a record snowfall.:)