Friday, March 06, 2009

Serena's Friday Play Date

As Ella Fitzgerald might say ... at last! I've had a killer week and I'm glad it's over. It's going to be a warm, gorgeous weekend and I am so looking forward to it. I wish you all an equally gorgeous weekend. TGIF!

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Are You Crazy

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NYD said...

Yeah, the weekend is here and I'm glad to almost be done with work responsibilities. Now if the weather is nice then I might just be able do some spring cleaning.

Have a good one SJ.

Skunkfeathers said...

I Be CRAZY ;-)

G-Man said...

You are cheerfully busy?

Thats right on the Money!!!!


Serena said...

Thanks, NYD. You, too. Hope your weather is as great as mine's going to be.:)

I have a special affinity for crazy people, Skunk. Welcome to the club!:-)

I was today, Galen. I had things to do, because I have some wunderbar plans coming up.:P

Mona said...

The weather here is crazy in Los Angeles. The sun shines so fiercely one day and the next day it rains cats and dogs...

It almost made me sick...I have already suffered a cold since I came, but am better now. Tomorow they will try and wean my brother in law off from his ventilator, but he will continue to sty in ICU for sometime. It has almost been 15 days since he has been in drug induced coma!

puerileuwaite said...

You STOLE my good weather! I want it back.

Serena said...

Best wishes to your family, Mona, for your BIL's speedy recovery. Take care!

Sorry about that Pugsley. Since I had a glorious 83 degrees today, I could give you 10. How's that?:)