Monday, March 30, 2009

Poor Puppy

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I'm in for a very harried Monday. I already know that. My boss has been away for the past ten days and Lord only knows what kind of workload I'll accrue today. It's going to be catch as-catch can, though, because I have a sick doggie and have to get her in to see the vet ASAP. I have no idea what's wrong with my dog. The left side of her little face is swollen up horribly. Maybe a bee stung her or something bit her, or maybe something else is going on. All I know is that I began giving her Benadryl when I first noticed the swelling Saturday, and it hasn't helped. Now I'm worried and focused on getting her in to see the doc.

I have a heavy package to ship sometime today, too. I'm sending my Sis a care package to help replace some of the items she lost when her home was robbed last week. This is going to be one of those days when I wish I didn't have a job getting in my way.

Whatever is on your agenda today, have a great Monday.


G-Man said...

Super Sherry!!!!!!
Able to type Legal Documents in the blink of an eye..
Able to answer 2 phones, talk to a client, AND look amazingly calm.
Mail Parcels, Doggie Duty, And eat a healthy nutricious lunch of rice cakes and/or peanut butter crackers.

You need a foot massage....:-)

Roxan said...

Poor puppy! Is there any chance of an infected tooth? My cat, Brian, has tooth problems and it causes some pretty bad odors. Hope it is something simply to deal with for you and puppy.

Serena said...

I seriously question my super powers, Galen, but I can always use a foot massage. Seriously.:)

It could be a bad tooth, Roxan, although she's been eating and chewing on her toys as though toothache isn't a factor. I have a vet appointment in about 45 minutes, so hopefully we'll figure out what it is and get a cure. Thanks for your well wishes.

Anonymous said...

happy harried
monday anyways, dear

¤ ¤ ¤


VE said...

I feel for the puppy! If my face swole up I'd probably go in to get it checked out too...either that or become Jay Leno's fill-in...

Serena said...

Thank you, Sir /t. It turned out not to be nearly as harried as I feared, so all was well. Happy Monday to you.:)

Her jaw is nearly as big as Leno's, VE. She looks like she's gone a few rounds with pro wrestlers.:)

Ruela said...

Hope your puppy feels better Serena.

Best wishes.

NYD said...

Your boss is away and you are worried about working?!?

What is this world coming to?

Hope the pup is fine. your sister too. Geting ripped off sucks big time!

Rex Zeitgeist said...

Hope your puppy is ok....If it was a tooth I would think that there would have been some warning....

I'm glad I have never had issues with my cat, she never gets sick or hurt, but of course she has never been outside.

Serena said...

Thanks so much, Ruela.

Today was the boss's first day back from vacation, NYD, but I didn't stick around long enough to get stuck with a load of work. The pup got medicine and will be okay in a day or two, and Sis's care package is on its way.

It did turn out to be a tooth, Rex. Totally out of the blue, as far as I know. You're lucky your cat stays healthy. Vet bills are expensive!

Roxan said...

So it was the tooth? Wow, I did call that one didn't I? My vet tech daughter is rubbing off on me. LOL

Mona said...

your sister's house was burglared??? That is so sad!

I hate it when pets are sick. I hope your pup gets well soon.

KB said...

Glad your puppy is feeling better.

Skunkfeathers said...

A comforting *pet* for the pooch, and a *hang in there HUG* for da mastah when da boss retoins to dumpeth on the desketh.

My Monday was the usual hooha, and today will be more of da same. The life of a corporate landless serf ;)

Serena said...

You did, indeed, call it, Roxan. I had no idea a tooth could do what this one is doing.

Thanks, Mona. The pup is on the mend, and it looks like my sister will get some of her stuff back. Eventually.

Thank you, KB, and welcome to my blog.

Thanks, Skunk. I, too, am a serf and fully expect the dumpeth to commence today.:)