Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
TWISTED LINGUISTICS went trawling for Words Gone Wild, and just look at the bumper crop of blasfomys that turned up. I've tried my hand at defining them, but I still want to see what you all can do with them.

appriciated - The erotic enjoyment of apricots.

alter boys - Young males living with Multiple Personality Disorder.

living in the twelve centery - A 12-cent token which allows you to time-travel to the medieval era.

Are you kitting me? - Jokes played on humans by adolescent cats.

misdemeandour - Wandering miscreants who perpetrate minor crimes.

e-mial - Itinerant sailor with a whale fascination who loves e-mail. "Call me E-mial!"

safty program - Structured method of studying saffron.

somg - Tune which never got nominated for a Grammy.

tyrade - Beverage for tyrants.

excuted - Someone who used to look pretty good but now doesn't.

God and Satin - Band known for its angst and conflicted lyrics about religion versus sensuality.

magott - A minor Teutonic fertility goddess.

swope - Bad tense of sweep.

victumes - Where they bury people that bad stuff happened to.

residense - Housing project where they pack 'em in like sardines.

horring - A promiscuous herring.

Now, get to defining, and y'all have a great Thursday!


Skunkfeathers said...

alter boys:
(a) sex changes
(b) feminist teachings that tell boys to stop being boys
(c) a wife's futile effort to change her hubby's "inner lad"

swope: what Elmer Fudd fawh down...ahahahaha...

horring: gang of street 'tutes

g-man said...

OK...I'll do one.

Alter Boys....Young Cockney Lads that barely cover their nipples with thin chards of cloth!

OK...One more.

Horring...When your cell phone alerts you that your mistress is calling!

Is Resi a smart girl?

Carry On....:-)

Roxan said...

God and Satin-The story of the Reverend Mother who was torn between serving God by giving up all comfort and her love for the luxury between the sheets.

Bilbo said...

residense - Republican party headquarters.

Kanrei said...

I cannot do any better than you did. Every "alter boy" definition I came up with was just wrong on so many levels.

Serena said...

LMAO, Skunk. Nice touch with the alter boys, and great catch on the 'tutes.:-)

Somebody pinch me. Galen did blasfomys! Made me giggle, too. I giggled particularly loud about your ho ring.:-)

Good job with a hard phrase, Roxan. Made me laugh, which is what I was going for.:-)

Good one, Bilbo! You called it.:-)

Blasfomys are wrong by definition, Kan. Ergo, you can do no wrong here. Whatever you think one of them means, always feel free to share!:-)

Anonymous said...

I had fun with the last one, so I'll give it another go. ;-)

Kitting – The act of arranging things for easy assembly.

misdemeandour – To unjustly or improperly demean the depressed

victumes – a stronger version of Tums, a medication designed specifically for people that go by the name Vic. Side effects may include: headache, dizziness, muscle cramps, joint pain, vomiting, incontinence, loose stools, skin pustules on the face and back, impaired thinking and or reactions, abnormal ejaculation, painful erection in men and women, bleeding from the eyes or ears, leprosy, cancer of the liver or kidneys, death, and in rare cases indigestion.

Residense – The repeating of a single housing structure multiple times for cost effectiveness and to confuse possible visitors to a given neighborhood.

Serena said...

What a great job of defining, Kaknu. Kudos!:)