Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Blood-curdling..." -- Part 9

Eventually, the inevitable time came when Haggis's castle, never much more than a pile of crumbling stones with broken battlements and a dry moat to begin with, and all its accoutrements were gone.

Haggis had sold her home and her worldly goods for funds to buy more snakes and charms and potions, each more foul and potent than the one before. Yet, each was ultimately useless to Haggis in her quest for ... whatever it was she sought. Not even she knew the answer to that question.

Haggis was finally reduced to living in a squalid, putrid smelling hovel on the outskirts of the village, feared and shunned by all. Haggis was all alone, the straw hut devoid of even the scrawniest of snakes for ... they were all dead and no new snakes would crawl near the cursed abode.

There were rumors that Haggis was to blame when village children and small adults disappeared at each full moon, but none was brave enough to confront the wizened hag and put an end to the unsolved abductions -- and to her.


Steve G said...

There has to be one little thing that can save her. Tell me...tell me... What can I do?

Serena Joy said...

Oh, dear me, Steve. You've been bewitched, haven't you? Just remember -- if you save her, you'll have to sleep with one eye open forever after.:)