Monday, October 02, 2006

Blood-curdling... -- Part 4

Haggis spent these dark and lonely days with only her snakes for company and consolation. The snakes multiplied as time went by, unnoticed by the desolate woman. They slithered freely about the hovel and Haggis had to be careful where she tread for fear of stepping on one of the deadly vipers. With no friends or loved ones left to her, she knew one bite from the snakes would bring her untimely end in a most terrible fashion.

And then there came the blackest, bleakest time in the life of Haggis. Her magic was failing. She discarded Dedman in favor of yet more snakes, but the snakes failed to restore her magic. She made burnt sacrifices, uttered dark prayers to arcane gods, spent countless hours with her spells and charms. Nothing worked. Her magic was fading more with each passing day...


Steve G said...

Don't let the snakes bite that woman. There must be something that will get her power back.

By the way, Haggis sounds like a Scottish stuffed something or another.

knukffir: Whats a knuk for.

Serena Joy said...

You'll just have to stay tuned to see what the snakes do. I know that haggis (or some variation thereof) is some kind of gross food. We still liked the name for our witch, though. LOL.

Whats a knuk for.

Why, it's for knuk-knuk jokes.:)

Now, then, what in the world might a yugwtvfh be?!