Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blood-curdling... -- Part 3

In a fit of pique one night over Haggis's snake love, not to mention the large chunks of time she spent luring vultures from the sky and commanding the trees of the forest to walk, he married her in hopes of gaining more of her attention. Haggis knew that he was already married to three witches and one mortal, but it mattered not. Rules were for the little people. It was, of course, a match made in hell, but it suited them. And she made a lovely bride.

Haggis and Dedman lived in marital bliss for quite some time. They pulled together and created their own little world which they disguised as a writer's community when, in fact, it was little more than a place where they could hold innocents captive for long stretches of time.

They recruited converts from real-world communities and wooed the unsuspecting with promises of grand advice on how to be published with legitimate companies and how to make manuscripts more appealing to editors. Once the innocents were lured into this house of ill repute, they found no advice, no help and no hope of escape.

They were bombarded daily with tales of bodily functions and lewd tales of errant, sometimes disembodied, body parts. Some rumors were even heard that described threats of evil spells being cast on those who wished to escape. It was a sad time for all.


Steve G said...

Serena, I know there is a hidden message about a hidden few. Only wish I could figure out who.

Serena Joy said...

Maybe, maybe not. Remember, the story was written by a bunch of different people -- any one of whom could have been ticked off at a whole different bunch of people. In the main, though, it's pure fairy tale, à la the Brothers Grimm.:)

Steve G said...

Okay, I'll buy that if that is what you are selling. One of these days I need to be honest sith some thoughts on my blog. Will probably cause a lot of folks to shun me, but there are some things about this blog environment that bother me. That's for another day.

Serena Joy said...

Steve, I can't imagine anyone shunning you for any reason. Vis-a-vis the blogging environment, there are blogs I love, blogs I hate. The former, I bookmark for regular visiting; the latter, I ignore.

RexZeitgiest said...

hehe, She said 'snake love'.....hehehe

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, even if there are hidden meanings. That snake love part cracked me up, too.

Steve, I can't wait to see if I'm going to shun you (But we all have to say what's on our minds sooner or later). I did, and feel a lot better for it.