Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday in Slow Motion

I have absolutely nothing on my mind today, nothing bugging me, nothing pithy to say. I got nothin'.

But I do have one gorgeous pup. I had every intention of posting her picture, but NOOOOOO. Blogger's been acting up a lot lately, and it hasn't uploaded photos since sometime yesterday. I have to go on and post now, sans photo, because if I log out, next time I try to log in I'm quite likely to get locked out with a message that I've "disabled my cookies." I don't know what the hell that means; I never touch my cookies.

* NOW UPDATED with the photo, which the demon-possessed Blogger finally let me insert.

So, anyway, the pup and I are batching it this week. Not that we're likely to run hog-wild or anything. We're just going to enjoy some quiet, quality girl time. No junk food binge this time, though. I have a wedding to attend in a couple of weeks, I've already bought the form-fitting dress, and I do not want to develop the dreaded bloat in the interim.

It's a gorgeous day with pristine blue skies all the way to the horizon. It's cool and a bit breezy post-Ernesto, but it feels absolutely delicious. I have a couple of book-related tasks I need to complete, but I'll do that tomorrow. Today, I'm just kind of vegetating. And loving it. If you haven't read Blake Crouch's "Locked Doors," you ought to pick it up. It's terrific.

I have some Words Gone Wild rounded up for you today. The Word Police never sleep, you know.

This one was rooted out and defined by my Apprentice, Roxan:

Woundering: The act of wounding someone by forcing them to read a PA-edited book until their eyes bleed.

Vechile - Apparently a vehicle for the promotion of Vegan cooking in Chile.

Prisions - Prisons for the prissy, usually painted pink.

The book is print when ordered - Nope, not a typo. Same usage every single time. This person (I refuse to call him/her a writer) has no comprehension of tense.

Supposidly - Suppositories for soothing wounded Ids.

Good rithens - This is just one of those WTF? words, I guess.


Steve G said...

Supposidly sounds painful. No thanks.

Serena Joy said...

It does sound painful, Steve. I think I'd just let my Id suffer in silence rather than risk the "treatment."

Southern Writer said...

A new puppy! Yay! What kind? What did you name him?

I don't think you got to my blog before I removed the rant about Blogger. Talk about purple prose! *headdesk* I cleaned it up because I just sent off some submissions for freelance jobs and was afraid the editor might look. However, you might want to stop by my other blog and look up the post "Constant Content Can Kiss my A$$."

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Marked it as a favorite so I can visit regularly.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, she's not new, SW. She's 10 years old, but she's still my "pup." Her name is Tess, and next time I can slip through one of those Blogger wormholes long enough, I AM going to get her photo up.

I'm glad you're enjoying this space, and I'll definitely go look up your other blog. Stop by any time.

Southern Writer said...

She's a beauty, and I like her name. Have always liked that name.

I keep getting confused when people refer to me as SW - one of my good friends is S.W.Vaughn and it makes me hesitate for a second and look around. Is S.W. here, too? Where? I don't see her. Gah! She follows me everywhere!

Serena Joy said...

Thank you! I think she's a cutie, but I'm prejudiced that way.

Sorry about the name confusion. I don't think S.W. is following you, but I'll take a look around. LOL.