Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Strange Brew

You know what (among many other things, clearly) I don't understand? Blind loyalty. What causes it? What perpetuates it? I see prime examples of it just about every day. I simply have no comprehension of the type of mentality that practices it. I know that there are leaders and there are followers. But doormats? What is the origin of the doormat phenomenon?

My guess is that there's a great deal of low self-esteem involved, perhaps a bit of hero worship, inability to think for oneself, lack of direction. How else could one explain a real live human being who can't see a pot calling a kettle black? How does one defend a pot that's not only black but so tainted it carries tetanus?

Example: Pot calls kettle black, at the same time calling doormat a whole plethora of unflattering adjectives. Yet, doormat jumps up at every turn and defends pot, claiming that the kettle failed to understand the philosophical lesson pot was trying to teach it. Doormat has meanwhile neatly employed a case of tunnel vision to ignore pot's personal assessment of it. Doormat castigates kettle for maligning cookie sheets, never mind that pot, abetted by the biggest meat cleaver in the drawer, gave cookie sheets more abuse than kettle or doormat could ever have dreamed up. Oh, but wait -- doormat can't dream up anything until it's told what to dream. Pot won't ever tell doormat that.

I really don't get it when a doormat doesn't have the sense God gave a goose and fails to run like hell from overbearing pots with big knives. Pot's always boiling, always ready to cook up some wicked nasty brew, some of which is sure to spill on doormat, and doormat's too blind to even see it coming. It's too weird for my blood.

As are today's Words Gone Bad. They're so damn weird they're giving me a headache.

riegn fire from the sky - Rie? Re? Rig? All I can figure is somebody with a strange accent was talking about some ragin' lightning.

theolgians - The old -- genes? Jeans?

voyuer - A Peeping Tom who took a wrong turn.

specifity - Please specify the type of fit you're going to have; e.g., hissy fit, snit fit, etc.

forbiden fruit - A strange person working on the Biden campaign.

Lenom tree - The tree under which they gather to discuss Lenin's venom.

all that new him - Unfamiliar territory (to) this guy.

extenstion - A condition that comes from an extreme case of tension.

in mas - I can't figure this one out, so I'm recommending boycotting it en masse.


Southern Writer said...

Hey SJ, it took me a while to get it composed and posted, but I've joined you in this rant. Thanks for the inspiration to write something I've been meaning to write for a long time.

Serena Joy said...

You're most welcome. We might rant on occasion, Lesia, but we've by God got cute shoes.:)

kanrei said...

A doormat believes in promotion through humiliation. They were probably in a frat and think life uses a "hazing" process as well. If they just take enough crap and take it well, they may be promoted to a crap giver instead of taker.

Of course no crap giver wants to lose a talented taker, so the doormat is rarely promoted.

Serena Joy said...

If only we could reach a happy-happy ratio of pot to kettle, with no margin for doormat error, everything would be just peachy-keen. Or not. The one constant in the equation is that you just never know.