Friday, September 08, 2006

So Tired, Tired of Waitin'...

I'm dragging a little bit today, definitely experiencing an energy drain. Could be the weather, could be the moon, could be ... anything. When I get like this, if I don't want to do something, no force on Earth can make me. It's just one of those days. They come, they go. Hopefully, I'll feel back on my feed tomorrow. I hope so. I have things I really do need to do that didn't get done today, and "I'll think about that tomorrow" carries one only so far.

The Word Police happened upon these rowdies out wreaking havoc and creating general mayhem today. Y'all can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they're off the streets.

what it mean`t - This is a contraction we haven't run across before. Does it mean "mean it?" If so, the syntax is off. Does it refer to a mean "T"? Mr. T? Could be a word in some secret language, I guess.

confiration - A gathering of citizens of the Fir Nation.

These two were picked up by Deputy Roxann:

dimenssions - All I can think is that that must be some altered state of reality.

definetley - Compliment paid to the fine rapper, T-Ley.

And this one was passed along by Deputy Lesia, who found it at Jamie's blog. I'm thinking of also deputizing Jamie Dawn (Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather), who caught this Bad Word:

"I received an ad for a quick way to get a college degree. The subject line read:

Everybody qualifys for our degrees.

Well, I guess so! Obviously, being able to spell is NOT a qualification."


Steve G said...

With an entertaining blog like this one, who needs a degree?

Serena Joy said...

Well, I'm just delighted that you find it entertaining.:)

Southern Writer said...

If any of these come from my blog, will you please alert me so I can fix them? You're welcome to list it and tease me first, but do let me know.

Serena Joy said...

They didn't, don't, and won't, I promise you. There are 3 main "hunting grounds" which provide more than enough work for the Word Police.:)