Sunday, September 10, 2006

Scrambled Potpourri

Heh. No working photo upload thingey today; had to do it manually.

I've been playing ball with my dog this afternoon. This ensures plenty of exercise for me; not so much for her. When you throw a ball to most dogs, they'll catch it and bring it back to you to throw again. And again and again, 'til one of you poops out. Not this dog. I throw it, she catches it, then she lays down on top of it. I have to wrestle it away from her before I can throw it again. Apparently, that's the fun part of the game to her.


Apparently, anyone can call him/herself a literary agent, PR representative, author, editor, even a publisher and proceed to set up shop. I personally wouldn't go near a so-called professional who presented him/herself out of the blue with no qualifications whatsoever, no credentials, no credits, no references, no nothing. Some people think they can get away with anything. And so they can, it would seem. Presumably, however, most people in the market for such services have the savvy to stay far, far away from the unqualified. One hopes so, at any rate.


CBS is showing tonight the real-time documentary made by the French filmmakers on 9/11 -- the same one many of us have already seen two or three times. The CBS affiliate in my city has wimped out and opted to show it at 11:30 P.M. instead of the regularly scheduled time. Why? Because they received complaints objecting to the "strong language" used in some portions of the film. The complainers went so far as to threaten to report them to the FCC if they showed it during prime time. The station manager conceded that rather than face fines of up to $350,000 for broadcasting "obscenity" in prime time, they'd show it later. To my mind, this is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, come on. Airplanes had hit the WTC. People were terrified, panicked, dying, running for their lives. How realistic is it to expect that they might have been standing around wringing their hands, saying, "Oh, my goodness!" "Oh, golly gee!" You're damn straight the language was strong. It was real time, real life, and real death.

Deputy Roxan hauled in most of today's Words Gone Wild all by herself.

reptuable - Strange rites performed with reptiles.

litereally - Lite literature. Really.

histerically - Men who get laughed at.

at a very sweat price - The cost of B.O.

specailist - Specific ailment specialist; i.e., hypochondriac. (Or a spelling immunity.)

I have eieght novels - If you write one more you'll have niene.
Quit or gee up.


kanrei said...

TOnight ABC airs fiction and CBS airs truth. Now that is ironic

Today's Blogger word is "iazmun" or I's a mon. Jamacian I think.

Serena Joy said...

It is ironic to the max, Kan.

I think you're right -- iazmun is a Jamaican reggae mon. I think he was in pretty strong competition with Bob Marley at one time.:)

But -- but what's an xfbbqen? Can a human even pronounce that?

kanrei said...

I can't, but it has been debated in the past just how human I am, so I don't think that helps

Serena Joy said...

My humanity has been the subject of some debate as well but, hey, I ain't worried about it. And I happen to think you're pretty human, even if you can't say xigrfyzl. So there.

Steve G said...

When I was a young kid, now I’m an old one, I had a dog. I remember the day I got my first super ball. They bounce a mile and keep on going like that bunny with the batteries that don’t run down. I threw the ball as hard as I could and off it went with Peanuts, the dog’s name, chasing after it. Still waiting for him to come back.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, no! Poor little Peanuts. :(