Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just for Giggles

- I didn't do squat to my hair this morning. Just wasn't in the mood. I took the blow dryer to it to give it some "pouf" and figured if that didn't do the trick, I'd just go the ponytail route. It was okay; no ponytail. I always get a giggle out of not having to do something.

- Plump blue smilies make me giggle. You?

- If a man yells "Do... (blah-blah-blah)" and there's no woman around to hear (and snicker), does he make any sound?

- 3 Billy Idol songs in a row on the radio coming home this afternoon. Had me rocking in my seat. I wasn't giggling, but the driver in the next lane was. He's probably got no rhythm. Could have been jealous. His loss. That makes me giggle.

- I spent a few minutes comparing one piece of bad porn to another, older piece of bad porn. Yup. Yup. I see definite similarities. The Bullshit Barometer tells me it's either one author or a duo joined at the hip. And I don't mean that in any pornographic sense. Or maybe I do. With these people, you just never know. That was worth a couple of giggles.

- Scientists have found (discovered in 2000 in Ethiopia) a nearly complete, 3-million-year-old skeleton of a 3-year-old female from the "ape-man" species represented by "Lucy;" species, Australopithecus afarensis.

Scientists believe afarensis walked upright on two feet, but there is dissension about whether it had an ape-like agility to climb and swing from trees.

Such a climbing ability would require such features as long arms; afarensis had arms that dangled to just above the knees. Climbing ability, or an evolutionary leftover?

While there are distinct human characteristics, the upper body structure indicates a more ape-like species:

* The shoulder blades more resemble a gorilla than modern man.
* The neck appears short and thick like an ape.
* The inner-ear organ of balance is more ape-like than human.
* The fingers are decidedly curved, possibly indicating climbing ability.
* The fossil finds revealed what is only the second hyoid bone to be recovered from any human ancestor. The tiny bone which attaches to the tongue muscles is markedly chimp-like in the skeleton, but still suggestive of some type of language ability.

I'm not sure they'll ever be able to tell from a few ancient bones whether that long-dead 3-year-old swung from trees, but it's a nice story. Made me smile.

And now for your giggles, we present today's lineup of Words Gone Wild. Define, please; I'm too tired.


a prude and proper service - I think that it would be neither prudent nor proper for me to tackle this bad boy.










Zinnia said...

I'm letting my hair grow back out. It was down to my hips and I had it layered.

Serena Joy said...

I think I'm going to stick with shoulder-length, layered. Long, long hair is gorgeous, but I'm getting too old and cranky to fool with it. How long before yours will be hip-length again?

Anonymous said...

You are giddy today. No way there are demons lurking within.

closs- a class for learning how to deal with loss

vanaished- the disappearance of Vanna White

acroos- just across the baby kangaroos

schematictsized- the size of the schematics

Serena Joy said...

Yep, I'm busted -- guilty as charged, giddy as hell. Definitely no demons in sight. Soon, though; I'm getting the itch to "do something" to that ms.

Those definitions are priceless! I'm ordering you a Word Cop badge.

Anonymous said...

I learned from the master

Serena Joy said...

You have a master, Grasshopper? Anyone I know?:)

Ooooh, I love my Word: mjogo, which I read as Mojo to Go.

Steve G said...

I'm glad my hair is falling out in the back. I don't have to look at it. I love a good laugh or giggle.

Tomas said...

Today, I am doubly happy. I am writing to you and care for my hair didnt hardens the joy. I am bald, yet I am still young in the heart.
Domestic horses are useful, yet we are inspired by the wild that are the beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to send Kaycee Conners over here to describe Southern women's big hair, if she has time.

So you like Billy Idol, huh? Do you know where my photo album is? There's a picture in it of my nephew with Billy, and another one of him with some very round-breasted model whose name I don't know.

It's too early in the morning for me to define words. I just can't. My coffee pot went on the blink, so I can't deal with much today.

Serena Joy said...

Steve and Tomas, I wouldn't worry about hair loss. Bald men can be sexy as all get-out. Why do you think so many men are shaving their heads?!

Lesia! Your coffee pot died? How on earth are you going to get through the day? I'd have run screaming out the door in my nightgown to get a new one. LOL. I'm going to look for your photo album, get a Billy fix. And do send the Big Har girl over. One can never hear too much about Southern Girls and the wonders of their hair.

Zinnia said...

Mine's about to the middle of my back now. By this time next year, it should be hip-length or pretty close to it. My hair and nails grow lightning fast.

Serena Joy said...

My nails and hair grow really fast, too. I have to trim my bangs every 2 weeks or so; otherwise, they grow down to my nose. Your hair's already long; by this time next year, you'll be a virtual Rapunzul. Kudos!

Leary said...

Hey, this is KC. Yeppers, big hair. It's like... you know that beehive thing?? Well, we still have that down here. We also have "doos" that can't be undone. I mean hair spray, the super hold kind, teased into the highest peak a person's head can withstand and not be blown away with the first wind-- yeah, that kinda big hair. Balloon hair. With spikes that will shear your fingers off if you touch 'em.

Being southern is so fun.

Serena Joy said...

From your lips to God's ear, KC. I'm so glad you stopped by. Lord have mercy, my mother taught me the wonders of rat-tail combs and AquaNet very young. LOL. Makes you feel kind of sorry for girls from "away" who just don't get it. "Southern" is a whole different way of life.

Southern Writer said...

Oh lord, I remember my mom and sister "ratting" their hair. Who but a belle would deliberately puts knots in her hair that she could never get out, and for good measure, spray glue on top of it? Not me. No, I would never do that. (Looks away and whistles) And remember sleeping in brush rollers? It was absolute torture.

ver: snkuy - a sneaky snark

Serena Joy said...

Geez, my mother forced her girls to sleep in brush rollers. If our hair didn't "look good," she wouldn't let us go anywhere. And she used to sleep with toilet paper wrapped around her head to protect her "up-do." LOL.

I love that sneaky snark word. It's pretty flexible, too -- could also mean "it's not okay."