Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hot Stuff

I think I must be getting thin-skinned. No, I don't mean in my thinking or my attitudes. God, please, never that. I mean physically.

I used to stay hot all the time during the summer, unable to function without air conditioning. Stick me in a too-hot room and my clothes start to wilt, my head sweats, my hair flattens itself into unbecoming strings. I never felt a chill unless the air temperature dropped to the low 60s. This year, I suffered like the damned during the heat wave when it stayed in the 90s for days and days. And then, it broke. As did, apparently, something in my system.

Never before have I complained of feeling chilly when it was 70 degrees outside. That's about what it was today, which was a bit warmer than the past few days, and I swear I felt like I needed a sweater. I used to see these little old ladies wandering around in 80-degree weather bundled up in sweaters and wonder what in the world was wrong with them. Now I know. Ah, geez.

My windows have been closed for days, and not because I'm running the AC. I'm not complaining, mind you. This feels like heaven after that heat wave from hell. If this means that I'm not going to sweat like a pig any more in 80-degree weather, I'm all for it. But please, if I start going outside in sweaters in the summer, somebody stop me. I can't have that.

I have Words Gone Wild for you today, just a brief lineup of the most dangerous.

possiable - One who is able to wrestle possums.

grament - Garments you have to grab before someone else does.

censorships your thoughts - The Decency Committee that bundles up your bad thoughts and ships them ... somewhere else.

suppoliers - Those who smuggle supplies to the Langoliers.

arguement -- Argggh, you meant?


Southern Writer said...

Hey lady. Pressed for time. But you need to run over and see and notify the word police! It's at the end of the post with the pictures of her father-in-law. Gah! I gave her a link to you, too.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, man, talk about synchronicity, Lesia. I was just over there, and am a bit teary-eyed over the Simba post just now. I never, ever "arrest" fellow bloggers, though. Except one, and I don't consider her anybody's fellow anything. LOL.

Serena Joy said...

Oh! I see what you mean now. Neither Jamie Dawn nor any of her commenters said it, so I guess it does qualify for intervention by the Word Police. Good catch. I need to deputize you.

Southern Writer said...

Yay! Do I get a badge and can I have a gun? You can arrest me for wranglin' and manglin' language anytime you want. If the boot fits ...

What ever happened to the word opossum? Frankly, I'm just as glad it has kind of gone by the wayside. I always thought it was dumb anyway. There's a huge possum that lives in the tree in my front yard. That thing is about the size of your dog. Scary.

Serena Joy said...

You bet you get a badge and a gun, Lesia. The uniform is pink, and the boots are very high. LOL. Go collar some Bad Words, now, and ... be careful out there.

I don't think I've put the "O" in opossum in actual conversation. The varmints are always just ... possums. They are scary looking things, aren't they? Especially when they're showing teeth and hissing. My dog took off across the back yard after one just last night. Thankfully, she got nowhere near him before he went up a tree. I have a great possum battle story I'll have to share sometime.