Monday, September 04, 2006

Docket Call

It is Labor Day, and I had to bribe the Word Police to get them to hit the streets today. They worked for a whole fifteen minutes and managed to round up this entire paddy wagon full of unrepentant Words Gone Bad.

*(Still no pictures, and I am fit to be tied.)

Hussel - A special type of bustle worn by hussies.

Advace - A vase for holding junk mail.

Collared by Apprentice Roxan:
Hard word does pay off. I am axious for feedback and opinions!!!

Axious: The art of axe wielding for the purpose of applying it to the skulls of those giving negative feedback and opinions.

*(Editorial Note: Careful with that axe, Eugene. And we don't want to contemplate what "hard word" might be. We fear it would give us a headache.)

Suprised - The act of rising to eat one's supper.

Beleive it! - I believe Bel Eive might be one of those old Antebellum homes in southern Louisiana.

My second book, if excepted - The truth is, if this person submits that second book to that publisher, it will in fact be excepted from legitimate publishing channels.

It is a fun fiction fantasy being wrote - Well, all righty, then!

Calibur - A bur indigenous to California.


kanrei said...

It seems to be some issue with IE and blogger because I can post pictures using Firefox but not IE

Serena Joy said...

I've been meaning to download Firefox, just haven't gotten around to it. I should just go on and do it.

Southern Writer said...

You should, because that worked for me. Just be careful not to make it your default browser page if you have IE set up just the way you want it. The only other issue I have - don't know if it's Firefox's or Blogger's - is that while I can download more than one picture, they all end up at the top, even if I try to put them at the bottom.

Serena Joy said...

Now that I've figured out how to insert the photo links manually, it's not as big an issue. It would be nice if Blogger would actually work the way it's supposed to, though, so I am going to go ahead and download Firefox and experiment with it.