Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why? Why Not?

Everything happens for a reason. Doesn't it? There is a sometimes subtle, sometimes overt correlation between events -- cause and effect. There is a gestalt to it all. I've always believed that, ever since I've been old enough to appreciate the difference between instilled dogma and actual thinking.

Some things happen for which no discernible reason can be seen. Perhaps the point is that it's not meant to be readily seen. If it makes you think, causes you wonderment, forces you to learn something from it in the long-run, its point was made.

It's the people who sail blithely through life experiencing one mishap after another but never taking any lesson from it who worry me. They believe it's bad luck, coincidence, a hex, maybe just an evil moon. Sometimes you think they're just lost causes -- hopeless. Yet, if you think about it, that in itself is an experience to be absorbed and learned from. Isn't it?

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