Monday, August 21, 2006

The Unbearable Levity of Sin

Sin. What is it? Like the Supreme Court justices on the subject of pornography, you know it when you see it.

Lying, cheating, stealing, killing -- those are all sins. Everybody knows that, not that it stops far too many people from doing it anyway. Fudging the truth just a little, telling "white lies" to protect someone else's sensitivities -- probably not too high up on the sin scale. When someone liberally laces the truth with lies for their own ulterior motives, that's different from little white lies. It's unethical, it's immoral and, yep, the lying part of it qualifies it as sin. You see people doing it all the time, though, especially on the Internet. Some site operators do it routinely to hook new people in. The sites themselves are such a mess that you have to wonder sometimes if they're performing virtual you-know-whats to maintain their growth or whether people really are that gullible. It's just singularly mysterious to me. But what do I know? I'm not the one who's going to be ordered to say ten Hail Webster's or forty-two Our Roget's.

I do know Word Sin when I see it. These poor, misguided sinners were dredged up and hauled into confessionals all over the world today. Not that they were particularly penitent. Apparently, you have to understand the nature of sin before you can admit you've done it. It would be neccessary to appreciate that it is a sin for the perpetrators of these sinfully amusing linguistical assaults to persist in calling themselves writers. Is it a sin that they force me into the sinfully fun pursuit of lexigraphy? Oh, I hope not.

totum pole -- Literal translation: Tote. Pole. Now. Um!

I have no patients (for clueless people) -- Nor have I any patience for those who should be patients somewhere.

Goggle (search) -- This one left me goggle-eyed.

diverse arrange of topics -- Oh, the array of wrongness here!

She has loss her -- Well, I hope she founds it soon.


kanrei said...

I am so going to fall victim to your list of verbal scorn. I am the worst speller known to man and think I have committed one or two of your sins already.

Please forgive me. We are lucky a humble Lemming can even type though =D

Serena Joy said...

No worries. Lemmings have blanket immunity. And free absolution. A Lemming who can type is a keeper.:)