Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stop the Presses!

Kanrei, kindly caretaker of wayward lemmings everywhere, blogged yesterday about the news -- or lack thereof. With that in mind, I just howled out loud this morning when I opened up the paper and saw a letter to the editor complaining about "no good news." Seriously! This guy was taking the newspaper to task over printing too much negative news and not enough positive news. Newsflash: news happens as it happens. It is what it is.

A serious daily newspaper can't forgo reporting Andrea Yates's retrial or Ben Fawley's guilty plea, or the bombing in Lebanon or the latest casualties in Iraq, or the arrest of a serial killer or the local cops using excessive force during an arrest. Sure, it might depress some people, but it happened. It's the newspaper's responsibility to report it.

How silly would it be to suppress news and replace it with pictures of kittens and stories about good deeds and heartwarming reunions? Not that those things aren't good to see. They are. This, however, is the real world -- you have to take the good with the bad. You can't rewrite history and you cannot stage manage the news. Good Lord, aren't things already Big Brotherish enough?

Give me a break!

I'd like a break from Words Gone Wild, too, but that ain't gonna happen. It's too rampant. And the freedom of my press demands that it be reported. It's bad news but, at the same time, funny as hell. Doesn't that sort of render it good news?

Raido show -- This radio show apparently got raided and shut down.

accidently and publically -- These two misspellings bug the crap out of me. Why can't folks mind their As and Ls?

looked at pretty throughly -- They were high and looking at something through that dark glass, I suspect.

all ready been -- Shorthand for "All ready?" "Hell, yeah, we've BEEN ready. Let's roll."

I would have ran -- As an editor, I would run from you, honey.


RainbowDemon1952 said...

Serena, love your postings, and truly love the Words Gone Wild segments. I think you could do an entire blogsite just using these. Your wit as you define these "words gone wild" always brings a smile to my face, and at times a hearty laugh from deep down inside me. And that, my dear, is truly a wonderful gift to possess. Thanks so much for continuing to bless us with these entries.

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, RD. You know what, honey? I just might let you ride along in the paddy wagon one of these days. Shoot, I might even let you put the cuffs on one of those Wild ones. You can't shoot them, though, tempting as it may be -- they're an endangered species.:)