Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Keeping It Serenely Mellow

Kismet. What is it? The word itself is of Turkish origin, a derivative of the Persian word qismat, often used interchangeably with the terms fate, destiny, and karma. They all mean roughly the same thing. Not only will what is meant to be, be, but it will "be" in a way that is just and pleasing to the cosmos. There is an order to everything. You don't need anybody to tell you that. Think of kismet in terms of the infinity symbol.

Very simplistically put, in a nutshell, your actions flow outward and ultimately loop around and come back to you. In other words, if you drop crap on the heads of others, why on earth would you be surprised when the crap starts piling up around your own ankles? See? Like that.

Keep the curved edges of your kismet clean and smooth. Sharp edges cut.

It's still ungodly hot today, but I've managed to keep my head -- and a civil tongue in it. One does have to be mindful of one's kismet.

The Word Patrol netted some rogue word rustlers today:

Existance -- We get the gist of the writer's intent, but we fear this writer would have a difficult time with the whole concept of Existentialism.

Has the books on their (alluding to a site, not its owners) -- Take us to there leader.

I geuss -- I ... goose? I ... juice? I'm ... ODd on Dr. Seuss?

Thank's -- Referring to property owned by someone named Thank.

Post's -- Mister Ed referring to legal ownership of his barn and pasture.

gamling -- A small, under-developed leg.

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