Sunday, August 13, 2006

...just wastin' time

I waste a hell of a lot of time. You hear all the time the phrase, "Time flies." Or, "Where does the time go?" I say it a lot. Part of the reason may be that, strictly speaking, I do waste a lot of time. In my view, however, the word "waste" is subjective.

Reading novels could be said to be a waste of time. Perhaps, but I don't think so. Time spent doing something enjoyable, something one both loves and learns from, is never wasted.

Writing novels isn't a waste of time, either. Unless, of course, they ultimately end up in your catch-all drawer, catching dust.

Some people would consider taking a "Me Day" to pamper oneself -- whether that entails going shopping, visiting with friends, taking a long drive, etc. -- wasted time. If it's what you need at the time, and if it recharges your batteries, there's no waste.

I spend some time wondering what other people, people I used to know before they lost their minds and went to the Dark Side, are doing. That's a waste of time. There's no earthly reason to care what they're up to. On a scale of 1 to 10, they're zeros.

I waste no time at all running around looking for magical products to make me look younger. I am the age that I am. I have good genes, though, and I don't look so bad. Yet.

Chasing down Words Gone Bad is probably a waste of time but, hell, it's fun. A girl's gotta have some fun. Sure, it's a waste of time, because there's always going to be Word Crime. It'll never be eradicated. Nonetheless, here are the bad words from today's police blotter.

covenent -- Witches' new Web site,

commercail -- I think this may be Old English for something. I don't know what.

udder disbelief -- The crowd's reaction when the Queen of the Cows brayed instead of mooed.

Boreders -- It started out as a bookstore but quickly bored people and was closed.

proccess -- A truly nasty abscess discovered by a proctologist.

crutial -- Half a crouton.

prominate -- The process of decorating the high school gymnasium for the prom.


kanrei said...

The most precious moments I find in life are those moments when I am completely bored. It is those moments that I feel I have done everything and can actually just do nothing. If I do not touch my car, it was a good day.

Serena Joy said...

Those precious moments when you can do absolutely nothing get fewer and farther between, Kan. Any time you can grab one, make the most of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

kanrei said...

I have tried to keep them from going away. There must be one day a week that is all mine. Selfish maybe, but oh well. I am the only person with me 24/7 so I must think of myself once in a while.

Doing nothing is the meaning of life.

Serena Joy said...

Here's what I think: if it's crucial to your well-being, your peace of mind, and it's not hurting anybody else, there's nothing selfish about it. You do have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.

"Doing nothing is the meaning of life."

Are you sure about that? I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that the meaning of life is ... nothing in particular. LOL.