Monday, August 21, 2006

Just A Leeeeetle Bit Spooky

I don’t put a lot of stock in dream interpretation. I will, however, concede that dreams are probably indicative of unresolved subconscious issues swirling about in the mind of the dreamer. In other words, they're quite possibly your Id flashing you SOSs about stuff you need to take care of.

I’ve been having some strange dreams – about two of my dogs who’ve been dead for over ten years and, just the other night, about my grandmother, who passed away six years ago. In the dream, she was telling me to close a door. If I were superstitious and believed in portents and omens, I might be slightly concerned. I mean, if you’re seeing dead people…

My sister called last night and, come to find out, she’s been dreaming about our grandmother, too. We simultaneously began to hum the Twilight Zone theme song. We’re simpatico that way. Not in too many other ways, but that way.

Seriously, it does make you wonder what it all means. Or whether it means anything at all. Jung, Freud, et al., would hate me. I attach no importance at all to my birth experience, potty training, or any other long forgotten “trauma.” I think it’s just possible that there’s some viability to the Collective Unconscious theory and maybe a couple of others. Psychobabble, for the most part, I have no time for. If I subscribed to every little bit of PsychoVoodoo to come down the pike, I’d probably be out buying myself a burial plot today.

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