Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fluffy Pink Thoughts

I shopped this afternoon after work. The necessities notwithstanding, I got Sandra Brown's new book, "Ricochet." That'll make a nice weekend read. I also got a new CD -- Chris Isaak. Good Lord, what a voice he has. Absolute heaven. I bought a new white blouse (I have a good excuse -- Fall is coming) and a new pair of jeans. Pink. My old pink jeans don't fit any more; too big. Long story short, I meant to lose five pounds last summer. It got completely out of whack and I ended up losing over twenty. I've only put seven back on. End result: a whole new wardrobe.

I have a wedding to attend next month. The ceremony itself will be outdoors, on the water in coastal North Carolina. I bought a dress to wear, then decided maybe it wasn't quite right and bought another one. They're both pink. Guess what color my shoes will be?

I love pink. If I ever get my own cult, I'm going to make everybody wear pink robes and mail me my money in pink envelopes.

There wasn't a whole lot of time today to hit the streets and hunt down Words Gone Wild, but I did manage to pick these ruffians up.

Receieve - I think this could be a misspelling by a chef directing the scullery maid to put something back through the sieve.

Roryalty - A cult devoted to the late Rory Calhoun; probably not pink.

My firned - No idea WTF that is. Somebody with a fir tree named Ned? Your guess is as good as mine.

Dislexic - A dysfunctional word for dysfunctional people with aversions to dictionaries.

Recoupe - Going back for seconds of a cool, frosty, fruit garnished dessert.

Greatful - Heard from a guest after dinner -- "Great! I'm full!"

My yatch - His ... what?! No, I have to put my foot down. We are not going there.


kanrei said...

HI Serena,
Just taking a day off from blogging. Spending way too much time on my site. Had to move my office today anyway. Tomorrow I will have a fresh cliff for you.

Pink clothes huh? I guess no joining your cult for me. I look horrible in Pink.

kanrei said...

You should try out for blogcritics. They took me and you are a way better writer than I can ever be.

Serena Joy said...

Ooooo, fresh cliff. Lemming heaven!

Yup, you gotta wear pink in the Cult of _______; them's the rules. But ... whatever shall I call my cult?

What's blogcritics? I'm running long on projects and short on time, but what the heck -- if it's interesting...

kanrei said...

blog critics

It is basically a collection of writers who do reviews on anything from pop culture to politics. Good feedback on your stuff as well. Good community.

kanrei said...

OK, I will wear pink, but I better get some high position when your cult takes over teh world

Serena Joy said...

I'll take a look at blogcritics tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.

You're already the Exalted Herder of Lost and Wayward Lemmings. Positions don't get much higher than that. Sorry, you can't be Queen, though; that job's taken.:) And I guess the pink's negotiable if you can help take over the world.