Friday, July 07, 2006

Words Gone Wild

I may need to change the title of this blog or, if that's not possible, start a new one. I've now seen the handwriting on the wall and have no choice but to do a daily Words Gone Wild segment. There is simply no dearth of raw material. It amuses me, of course, but it also dismays me.


What a splendid, beautiful day here in the Virginia mountains! It felt much more like April or May than July -- 70s, blue skies, brisk breeze, and no humidity. If I were a gardening type of person, I'd have spent the day doing whatever gardening type people do. Alas, I am afflicted with the dreaded Black Thumb and have to eventually perform last rites over just about everything I attempt to plant. The wild and self-propagating stuff does just fine on its own. It's when I try to help nature along that there's trouble, so I generally stand back and stay out of it.

In today's words turned bad lineup, we observe the following:

Admited - Geez, I hope that has nothing to do with mites. Those little suckers are nasty.

Idle -- which would be fine if indolent were the intent; alas, they were thinking in terms of ... singers. Dancers. Jugglers. You know -- as in, American?

The word "retract" was used in a particularly maladroit manner. The writer (and I use that term loosely) posted some documents with personal information blacked out for, you know, redaction purposes. She then advised that the documents were "retracted."

Partailly -- or some fraction thereof.



I seen the book (Oh, that made my teeth hurt.)

I put my sole into it. (I had to wonder -- did he mean he stepped in it?)

And so on and so on, until we meet again to pore over mug shots of yet more wayward words. Assaults on words are rampant and the recidivism rate is rising.


RainbowDemon1952 said...

Oh, God, Serena, you're killing me! I don't know if one can die from laughing or not but if it can happen I might be dead later on today...I can't believe such ignorance exists, but you're sure having a field day with it and I say run with it, girlfriend!

Serena Joy said...

Oops! I wasn't trying to kill you off, dahling. This stuff is out there, though, and I'd be a damn fool to just let it ride when we can have such fun with it. Have a shot for me and rock on.:)